Tesla Model 3 Surprisingly Shows Up At LA Auto Show

Tesla Model 3

NOV 30 2017 BY MARK KANE 60

Tesla Model 3 (photo Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs)

Tesla rarely shows up at motor shows so this came as quite a surprise.

Even more surprising is that the automaker skipped the show in San Francisco, and then showed up in LA with a Model 3. If Tesla had appeared with a Model S or X, we wouldn’t have been so shocked. With the recent Model 3 production issues and the fact that the automaker has been aggressively “anti-selling” the new vehicle, most didn’t expect this. Additionally, Tesla just generated a ton of buzz at the recent electric semi event with its mammoth hauler and the new Tesla Roadster.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Nonetheless, we spotted the brand new, red Tesla Model 3 at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show and have photos to share.

It’s debatable whether or not a red Model 3 should be presented on the green stage, but the interest will be tremendous when the public realizes that the Model 3 is in-house.

At least, in theory, the Model 3 has potential to sell in numbers comparable to all the other pure electric cars combined. However, in the first four months, sales amounted to just ~367 (30 in July, 75 in August, 117 in September, and 145 in October), but perhaps Tesla has a surprise in store for November – we will find out tomorrow (Dec 1st) when sales are reported (all historical plug-in sales can be found on our US Monthly Sales Scorecard here).

Quick specs for Tesla Model 3 Long Range:

  • 310 miles of EPA range
  • 0-60 mph in 5.1 seconds (RWD)
  • 140 mph top speed

Model 3 (photo Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs)

Model 3 (photo Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs)

Model 3 (photo Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs)

Model 3 (photo Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs)

Model 3 (photo Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs)

Model 3 (photo Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs)

Model 3 (photo Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs)

Model 3 (photo Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs)

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They were there last year with the S and X. They took an obscure corner of the building and was hard to find them but somehow they still had lots of people waiting to see the cars. No other manufacturer was as swamped as they were. It looks like they are on the main floor this time.

Tom Moloughney

Yes, they were in the hallway connecting the North and South halls last year. They used to do NAIAS, but haven’t gone there since 2015 because Michigan doesn’t allow Tesla stores.


Please, let’s not make stuff up. I was there last year and I went and checked out both the S and X they had there. There was plenty of interest, but it was in no way bigger than interest in other manufacturers. They weren’t “swamped”. That’s either your personal myopic memory, or just fantasy.


How are you not a victim of “Sample Bias Error”, yourself?


Dav8?r said:

“That’s either your personal myopic memory…”

You actually expect us to believe the pretended “opinion” of a serial Tesla bashing klown like you, in preference to Mark.ca, one of the more level-headed Usual Suspects here? 🙄

LOL! You’re not only a klown, you’re deluded!
😆 😆 😆


I have pictures, definitely not very fancy last year, with more people at the BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz exhibits.


I waited 15 min to sit in the X and this was the second weekend…and they were still swamped. What were you doing there anyway? Your parents knew you were wandering around without supervision?


“I waited 15 min to sit in the X and this was the second weekend”

I don’t understand why people do that when you can just go to your local Tesla store (we are talking about LA here) and sit in them as much as you want…


Last time i did that they had a 3 week wait list …and i was there anyway.


No worries, troll. I will go there again this year and post pics so you can cry some more.


I will never understand the hostile tone people take when they see something they don’t agree with on social media.

I’m pretty sure you would not take that tone if you were standing face-to-face with the poster so why do it online?

Your behavior only makes you appear insecure and fragile. Consider a 2018 resolution to be more civil.

Robert Weekley

Great that are are willing to continue surprizing us, and showing the Model 3 is a good one!


Welcome, “Season of Audi”.


I hope they take thousands of orders.


What is a Tesla and why is that car that ugly?


Stop looking in the mirror, dude!


This car has had so many critics because it doesn’t look like a Camry.

I thought they had all gone away.


Ugliest car ever seen, and why is it copycatting the design philosophy of Porsche? How cheap is that

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

It’s Butt Ugly because the Sexy Aero wheel covers aren’t on.


So says the proud owner of a Pontiac Aztek, I bet! A car so ugly it killed a brand. Yeah, not at risk with Franz’ designs here. Heck, he even made a Semi truck look sleek and modern.


That’s like saying, “Dolphins are Ugly! Ugliest FISH I’ve ever seen!”

It’s not an ICE Vehicle, so it does not need to follow traditional design cues. In nature, form follows function. And Teslas, are shaped to go fast.


No car will draw a larger crowd or be be more photographed than the Model 3 at the show…




It’s not new to the show, they had it last year too. I surprised to see they brought a prototype again that you can’t check out since they have it on a stage again…great looking car though.


EVShopper said: “I-Pace”

Most of the car show public attendees already saw and photographed the I-Pace “concept car” at last year’s show…

It’s mostly the same crowd that attends the show each year so nothing new for them I-Pace wise. Hopefully Jaguar will have the I-Pace in poduction 2nd half of 2018 (as advertised) so that at next year’s show Jaguar is proudly displaying an I-Pace production car.

Also, hopefully by 2018 there will be the start of a convenient & reliable supercharger network available for I-Pace owners.


“Even more surprising is that the automaker skipped the show in San Francisco…” Not really! This show gets passed over all the time!


Yes, the S.F. show just involves vehicles pulled from local dealer inventories with manufacturers reps to talk to.

It was also reduced in size this year. We’re really just to hip here in the S.F. bay area to be interested in cars…not.

Murrysville EV

Actually, Tesla should show its cars where the EV market is soft, such as here in western PA. You can go days here without seeing another EV.


Smart people in PA

Robert Weekley

That’s not what your PA said about you!
/another fact

no donkeys

It looks like Jack@ss showed up with the intention of soliciting insults. I hope he gets all that he came looking for.


Yes, Pittsburgh only voted 20% for he who must not be named.


Don’t say the name of the anti Christ.


No but seriously, I noticed that previously this car received a lot of criticism for the way it looks inside and out. That chorus seems to have died down.

All the ominous warnings about the screen and how it would be stolen or just randomly fall off.

And who could forget the chorus of concern about having to turn one’s head while driving to see the speed? God forbid one would have to turn one’s head! Or look at the road!

Or the people who insisted that the one thing this car needed was a grille?


It’s died down because it is what it is now. No amount of bitching is going to get Tesla to change it, so there’s little point in beating dead horse. You either love it, or you hate it.

I personally really like the exterior and absolutely hate the interior. The interior was the #1 reason I didn’t put a deposit down. #2 was no hatchback. I was really hoping for something design wise along the lines of the Model S. Oh well…

Robert Weekley

That’s called, a Used Model S!


Not for me. The Model S is too big and if I’m buying an electric car, I want maximum battery life, not somebody else’s used battery.


“I personally really like the exterior and absolutely hate the interior.”


The interior was the #1 reason I canceled my reservation.




“Or the people who insisted that the one thing this car needed was a grille?”

I don’t know that it necessarily “needs” a grille, but it could certainly use some sort of decoration or trim to liven up that large flat blank area on the nose. Perhaps just some paint striping?


Paint striping resembling two shark nostrils, would certainly create a ravenous feeding frenzy around the TM3, at the LA Auto show.

Placement is everything!


Maybe I’m reading other threads but people seem to love it inside and out especially after so many reviews have come out.


They did a lot of design tweaks from the first prototype to the final production version.

It took me awhile to warm up to the design. But having now seen it in person, it looks a lot better then the pictures convey.

But you can’t trust me, I like the Bolt EV too.

Bob Wilson

Are the last digits of the VIN, “477”, suggesting this is number 477 off the line?


It is VIN 477 but the cars are not necessarily built in VIN order, so no guarantee it’s the 477th off the line.


Yeah. There are people who post to the Tesla Motors Club forum who actually track individual VINs, in an effort to track Tesla’s production month to month and possibly even week to week. There have been some suggestions recently that Tesla may be deliberately mixing up the Model 3 VINs in order to counter (pun intended) such efforts.


VIN 477 means it was the 477th car to have a VIN number assigned to it before it was built. The VIN’s get assigned early in the process, before the build specs are even chosen.

The order of production doesn’t follow in exact VIN sequence.




I like it. Hold hope for the Detroit Autoshow having a Tesla this year…


Michigan does not allow Tesla to participate since the do not have “dealerships”


The article says:

“It’s debatable whether or not a red Model 3 should be presented on the green stage…”

Well, it is the Christmas season! 🙂


Have a Harry Grinch-Musk this year!

Mister G



I don’t find the red a good color for Model 3. Saw a red Model 3 in the real world and it doesn’t look good at all…

I think the Blue, Black or White all look way better. Saw a blue one in person and it looks awesome, way better than the red.

Maybe a darker red (cherry red?) or maroon color might be a better fit for the Model 3.


Can visitors sit in the car or is this only for looking? Test drives?


Tesla Model 3 test drives are only for current . EV owning residents from O.C., who make it up to the LA Auto show, in a pure EV that was built by GM before 2017. Also, fast charging along the way, from O.C., is strictly Verboten, if you want to qualify for the TM3 test drive!


Don Zenga

Tesla wants people to see Model-3 and wait. Yes there is going to be some wait, but it’s worth.


The car is nice but why did they have to put that strange dark pink color on it? That is all but red.

Why is there also such an enormous defrost wiring thickness on the back window?


Okay, That does it! I can’t make up my mind, so I’m getting red, white AND silver!