Tesla Model 3 Dashcam Captures Road Rage Incident


Feast your eyes on this crazy display of complete nonsense and stupidity.

If not just because we felt compelled to share and remind people what type of ridiculousness is happening on the roads today, this is another opportunity to provide a solid example of the new Tesla Model 3 dashcam (TeslaCam). Today, dashcam’s are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. In the world we live in, it seems just about everything is caught on tape, and while that may not be the best situation in certain cases, being able to provide footage of incidents that occur on the road is surely a positive.

Few cars have built-in dashcams, but we’re likely to see that changing in the near future. The Tesla Model 3 (and all Tesla vehicles) now have an inclusive dashcam that comes standard as part of the recent Version 9 software update. If you don’t own a Tesla or a car that has a dashcam, we suggest picking up an aftermarket product if you can afford it and if you believe that it may be an asset based on your driving situation.

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Video Description via Michael Wilson on YouTube:

I literally just got my Model 3 set up with the dash cam feature and captured this. The cuts are because Tesla keeps the videos in 1 minute segments. I probably could have got this smoother, but I’m no video editor.

This happened on 32 West in Columbia, MD.

Brief timeline:

0:32 – White SUV cuts off black SUV
0:40 – Black SUV gets pissed, pulls in front of white SUV and comes to a complete stop
0:55 – Having not noticed these previous events, I assume the black SUV is disabled
1:05 – I think the black SUV is pulling over to get out of traffic
1:10 – I start to realize something is amiss. I just let them do their thing.
1:30 – I vacillate between trying to get close enough to capture this for possible police involvement and trying not to get involved myself.
1:42 – White SUV finally overtakes black SUV.
1:55 – Black SUV overtakes white SUV again.
2:03 – Black SUV maybe hits/side swipes the white SUV, who is now off of the side of the highway.
2:33 – Black SUV almost runs the white SUV into the guide rail.
2:44 – White SUV overtakes and both cars pull off onto the shoulder. I had moved into their lane in hopes of getting their license plates. Looks like I did earlier in the video, but I didn’t know that at the time.

A few seconds later I call police.

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Dude does that to me with my family in the vehicle and he’d get the surprise of his life.

Who give’s this comment a thumbs down. In this case both drivers should spend some quality time with the local constable. I do however echo the sentiment that if someone tried that on me with my family in the car they would be in for a very painful surprise.

“Who give’s this comment a thumbs down”
Probably people that don’t advocate 2nd degree murder.

Never said I’d kill him bro1999. In fact, all I said is he’d get a surprise. In the form of me being a sworn peace officer with access to a radio.

I was waiting for the punch line. AWESOME !

So which guy would a$$hole would you be Mr Sworn Officer? the one in the black SUV or White one?

I’ll let you figure it out. Hint- I don’t drive around with my family looking to put them in harm’s way.

You probably should have mentioned that up front; it kind of sounded a little Death Wish-y

John sound like another Crusty the clown driving a Canyonero. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZeFDe44Ddo

Well John, that is how these issues escalate. You insinuate violence, and only after being called out on it, change your insinuation to a non violent remark.

If someone randomly starts trying to run me off the road I’m gonna call him in. I’m gonna stop. I’m not gonna keep driving.

So getting into physical confrontations and altercations is what you want your family to see? Maybe let them see you get shot and dead on the side of the road? Maybe they’ll grow older and get in an altercation over something petty and get in a losing fight and live on disability? How about teaching them to stay cool, blow it off and steering clear of harm? You can escalate things or deescalate things, the latter is a skill that takes lot of repetition to learn.

I never said I’d escalate anything. I said he’d get a surprise- by doing that to a law enforcement officer with the ability to deal with the situation.

If you drive like this with your family in the car you deserve a week or two in prison. Does anyone know how usable this recordings are to prosecute morons? I am sure it varies from state to state in the US.

Yeah little one.

Just the sort of thinking that promotes rage. Road or other. The assumption that the other person isn’t capable of responding with equal or greater “surprise of your life” to you and your family is astoundingly idiotic. How about “shaking it off” and moving on? YOLO.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

It’s interesting in that one interpretation of the video is that the driver of the white vehicle appears to be attempting to disengage without damaging either of their vehicles.

The black SUV then blocks any attempt at disengagement multiple times, attempting to get both vehicles to stop, presumably with the intention of starting a face-to-face altercation.

Like in episode of animal planet.

True. The white SUV made an error, and the black SUV did a nice job with avoiding an accident, which happened to put that vehicle ahead of the white SUV. That should have been the end with a positive outcome. But the black SUV over-reacted, became the aggressor and initiated the road rage incident. While the white SUV just tried to get away from the black SUV.

White SUV did the same brake jamming in front of the black SUV at 2:45 seconds that the black SUV did to the white one.

Both were wrong.

The white SUV “jammed on the brakes” because the black SUV was blocking the left offramp, and white SUV had to speed up to get around black SUV then slow down to make the offramp. In fact, jamming on the brakes wouldn’t have even been a problem if black SUV wasn’t tailgating white SUV on the offramp median.

White SUV did almost literally nothing wrong here. It signaled for a full three seconds before originally doing the most minor “cut off” of black SUV (who apparently Does Not Permit Merges in <20MPH traffic), and black SUV went totally berserk in response.

nice thought, but the white suv was trying to get away. The black suv was trying to force the white over.
Very stupid.

You assume to much.

Another keyboard warrior

which one?
Both were incredible wrong.
BUT, if I was the white car, I would have called police and let the black car continue to pull that kind of garbage.
Otherwise, if we pull over together, things will NOT be good.

That had to be about the stupidest driving I’ve ever seen that wasn’t on a race track. White SUV made a clear gaff cutting off the black SUV, but the ensuing actions of the black SUV driver were completely insane. What exactly was his goal? To block the white SUV driver and have him get out of his car to fight? Flip the guy the bird if you have to and move on with your life.
edit: skip to 00:30 for the action to start

he was trying to force him to stop.
Hopefully the police pulled them over and searched both cars. Willing to bet that the black one had a weapon.
Still, he was not very bright. Forcing over a vehicle could land you with somebody else that has weapons and is better shot.

Exactly. I told my son when he was learning to drive that there’s no point in trying to “prove a point with your car”.

Still, that’s a bit disconcerting, since I’ve driven that exact stretch often. Mad Max on MD-32…

Looks to me like both drivers should lose their license, permanently. They seem to have mistaken driving on the highway for a bumper car carnival ride. 🙁

What exactly should the white SUV have done?
His only crimes was in cutting the guy off first.
BUT the black suv driver was so far out there, that I hope that police nails him.

The White SUV did the same brake jamming in front of the black SUV at 2:45 seconds that the black SUV did to the white one. Both are guilty.

The white SUV should have pulled out a phone when forced to a stop the first time, locked the doors, and called the police on speaker phone and then started video recording. He should have stayed stopped and gotten instructions from the police unless/until the other driver brandished a deadly weapon. Do not honk or rev your engine.

9 times out of 10 the car in front will drive away after thinking they “proved their point” and you will have successfully deescalated the situation.

I thought Boston was bad. Wowser! They just keep going at it. I only seem to attract folks who want to race me. Must be a consequence of driving posted limits in the slow lane and letting people in at merges. I make a point of enjoying driving as much as I can. Is this a common thing in the DC area? I thought Boston was rough, having been bumped on foot, at a crosswalk, after they stopped for the light.

Grow up, drivers. Every new Tesla has a camera on it. Orwellian nightmare, sure, but in the hands of individual citizens at present, so at their discretion. I keep waiting for the long arm of the law to reach into Tesla systems and that scares me. I guess that amounts to wiretapping if it is on everyone’s “computer” so in the US, there is precedence to fight it.

“I keep waiting for the long arm of the law to reach into Tesla systems….”

You do seem a bit paranoid. What’s the difference between having a Tesla dashcam and a personal one? Tesla already had forward facing cameras. It’s just that now, owners can access the video.

You take the government that you allow (or are stuck with). In the U.S. and other democratically elected countries, citizens rise up against such nonsense. If you live in China, losing your video to the “law” is hardly the most important thing you should be worrying about.

The difference, Unplugged, is that there is a massive server farm in Palo Alto, CA where the data can sometimes get pulled with remote access. And I’m not paranoid, I am alert and informed. Local law enforcement already runs dash cams straight to servers in police squads for real time license plate tracking on the road.

Here’s the slippery slope: insurance companies offer discounts for vehicle trackers that monitor speeding. This could be a subsequent elective insurance discount. The 25 year push is to get humans to no longer drive cars.

I am not convinced it is going to happen, I am convinced it is a remote possibility and consider it worth monitoring.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

I agree, nothing wrong with vigilance.

“And I’m not paranoid, I am alert and informed.”

Nobody believes they are paranoid. It is a symptom the rest of us notice as we keep our distance.

The roads are a PUBLIC place where personal behavior is a public safety matter. I see nothing Orwellian about it. We all pay for those roads and have a reasonable expectation for safety. If a Tesla owner shares video with law enforcement it can speak for itself.

Well, I was merely referring to the… Ugh, wrong author. Fahrenheit 451, cameras everywhere, controlled by the government. How many years have I been using the wrong term? This is sad. Bradbury is one of my favorite authors.

Why does it not surprise me it’s the DC area. I lived there for five years and man, traffic and drivers were awful.

Any dashcam in any car can record such incidents. No Tesla required.

Firstly, please stop stealing my name.
Secondly, yes, any dashcam can, but only with Tesla you get a dashcam included in the price of the car that is factory stock and thus potential thieves can’t just rip it out easily like an aftermarket model. Also, for almost 100000 buyers, it came retroactively. When was the last time any OEM gave you a dashcam for a car that was already (up to) over a year old at the time, for free nonetheless and it was just there when you got up in the morning without any neccessity to drive somewhere first?

Perhaps you both need a more unique name than “Some Guy” 🙂

There’s no problem here.
They just had the obstacle aware intended acceleration feature on.

Can we blame Autopilot? 😀

Yes, you can blame the pilots of the autos.


People should be more respectful and not piss others off. For me it’s not hard to be patient and not cut someone off. It just rude…

Or… some dumb driver just wasn’t paying attention. I have taken to not getting pissed off in such situations ever since a driver pissed me off, and I pulled up to looked at me, put his hands together and bowed his head. Too often, we take an action as being rude when it was simple stupidity.

Each SUV driver only wanted to save a little fuel by drafting the other. They should stop driving bricks and buy a chill EV.

And it is for things like that I never have such problems when I am driving my Crown Vic Interceptor, it gives people pause, no one messes with the Vic in fact they almost always put on their good driver hats!
Both drivers equally at fault both should have licenses revoked for wreckless endangerment and general STUPIDITY!

I wish at times I drove a beater. Then if someone cut me off, I’d just let them spin themselves out off my front bumper/do way more damage to their car than mine.

It’s a fact people respect battle scars.

Yes, and the “uninsured look” has its benefits.

Love my Vic, still has the full width Pit bumper on the front, the car almost makes driving peaceful because nobody knows if it is or isn’t active.

I had that exact same thought and did drive a beater for years. Now I would never jeopardize my M3 🙂

As if there already wasn’t enough stupidity in the Washington area already.

Its a bit difficult to be sure but this looks like it started as a contest to see who would have to yield to accomplish a zipper merge. There are a lot of drivers who do not seem to have gotten the memo about taking turns when a lane disappears.

Few people in the US understand the benefit of the zipper merge. When I let one guy in the guy behind him gets pissed I close the door, maybe they think oh good there’s a sucker I’ll take advantage, or maybe they simply don’t get it.

In this video I can’t decide who is the biggest jerk.

People don’t respect you if you leave 2-3 car length in front in slow moving traffic. They get quite upset and take it personally.

Even fewer people realize for a zipper merge to work people need to be courteous and use their blinker.

This didn’t start in the merging lanes of traffic. It all begins in the two thru-traffic lanes, when a car in the right lane makes a lane change into the left lane.

All fun and games until you discover the person you’re dueling with is armed and has been provoked to the point of losing control. Your car isn’t a bullet proof sanctuary although it can feel that way. In a case like get the license plate, make and model, pull over and call the police.

The U.S. has more than 100 million hand guns, not a good statistic.

You obviously live nowhere near grizzly bears, mountain lions, rattlesnakes, or Detroit. There are credible circumstances of personal safety meriting the possession of firearms, especially as they turn a skilled 4’10” 85 pound woman into an equal lethality as a 265-pound 6’4″ man. Given that there are >1.1 million police officers at the state/local level and 1/10th that at the Federal level, and 1.3 million US soldiers and 450,000 national guardsmen, I am OK with the statistic that armed private citizens outnumber armed enforcers, potentially.

If you take the remaining firearms away from citizens as some propose, then only soldiers, law enforcement, and criminals have the ability to defend themselves against predators or other humans. Seconds count against either aggressor. 911 response to my address is (advised as) 5 minutes for law enforcement, 3 minutes for ambulance, and 10 minutes for fire. Do I hide for 5 minutes, watch my house burn for 10, and bleed out for 3, or do I buy a fire extinguisher, learn CPR and first aid, and make self-defense choices against armed aggressors and mad dogs?

Personally, I use a lvl 30 gun blade against rattlesnakes, but I’m not sure which video game we’re talking about. I haven’t gotten to Detroit yet either. That’s the one where all the androids take over right? Any good?

Admittedly, rattlesnakes are the least dangerous because they are the least mobile, and growing up I encountered three and safely avoided two of them without incident. The one by the garbage cans outside our house was dispatched with a spade.
No androids, Autons, or Zombies, just good ol’ American criminals:

That’s super weird. Why would crime rates increase after gun purchases started skyrocketing?

comment image

Proud supporter of the Second Amendment, owner of many weapons, military vet (& retiree), Tesla M3D owner. We can sometimes have it all.

Why would you buy a M3D when you can buy more weapons with the same money? How on Earth will you survive the bears and rattlesnakes long enough to drive?

But sarcasm aside, I actually would understand why a vet might feel that way after going through active duty. Thanks for your service.

You seriously need to move. Maybe to Mogadishu, as they also enjoy extensive gun ownership.

maybe make an intelligent comment for a change.

Yes, so Australia and Great Briton have lost all their citizens to those dangers as they have so few guns to defend themselves.

They, like Japan, just have different forms of violence using different weapons now. Knives, blunt objects, bombs, poison gas, and even the occasional car crashing through a crowd. Criminals and crazy people find a way.

People who have no experience with guns tend to be irrationally afraid-of/against them. It’s actually very similar to people who have no experience with EVs.

Oh, and it’s Great Britain (really the UK).

James, do me a favor: don’t put your politics to the test and go for a hike in Boulder, Redding (CA), or Santa Fe near sunset, towards the end of fall when there’s been a drought and prey is scarce. Every life is precious, even yours. Apex predators kill when they are hungry, that’s just the way it is. As for human threats, Detroit doesn’t have a sister city for its crime statistics in either location you mention.

Do yourself a favor and carry bear spray. It deploys across a wide area and is more forgiving when you miss. Only idiots try to shoot predators with a gun when they are being ambushed in the wild. You won’t have time to aim when that grizzly charges you.

Bears hate bells, while we are on the subject. It was a reasonable deterrent centuries ago, which is why you see sleigh bells and bells on hats in Scandinavia. Bears sprint at up to 45 miles an hour when they charge, cats attack from behind, so yeah, you’re not going to make the first move. However, they also enter frontier towns and ranch land, and you need to defend your home perimeter (and your investment in livestock, I expect). For mountain lions, they will be scared by the loud noise of the gunshot far more than a spray, so you don’t have to hit the mountain lion. Bears are more territorial, so the rules are different. A determined bear will kill you if you’re alone, and they can take a few gunshots that aren’t in critical areas. If the spray works, that’s great. Rules are off on both predators if they have rabies. Their brains don’t work right. You have to kill the predator. Second best defense is detection, however. 2-3 dogs are a great way to detect the scent of a predator. After that, not being alone is also important. The best security is layered security. Bring the spray… Read more »

That is not his point.
His point is that getting into it with a random car, means that it might be as high as 1/3 of the cars have firearms.
And I doubt that you would handle a griz or a mountain lion.

So, this site is not Faux News, Breitbart, or Daily Stormer. Leave your BS over on those sites, please.

I don’t know those news sites, and tend not to like the news (outside of EVs and tech news). As to your doubts, yeah, I prefer not to encounter a grizzly bear, one nearly killed my grandfather when he was a park ranger near Crater Lake, but I have had his training passed onto me, which is more than I can say for most people today. I don’t fear the puny black bears in Minnesota, but I also don’t hunt. I dealt with one mountain lion in Colorado. Dogs, FTW!

Do people really get into shoot-outs around the DC area because of freeway merging gone horribly wrong? It’s so easy to either let someone go or evade (and that’s why I drive a Tesla). The only time I know of someone being killed with a handgun on the freeways was actually here in Minnesota, a woman named Katherine Gordon was shot dead by a police officer and the story is heavily disputed (and the officer is no longer serving, the city couldn’t afford his lawsuits).

If you take the remaining firearms away from citizens as some propose, then only soldiers, law enforcement, and criminals have the ability to defend themselves against predators or other humans.

If chemical weapons are outlawed, only outlaws will have chemical weapons.

If I can’t defend my home with a complex network of mustard gas landmines, can I ever be Truly Free? The question answers itself.

Right on the money.

Hopefully the police can get the plates and have a discussion with both drivers.

PS getting road raged happens. I have been raged and had no idea what set off the other driver. One was a postal truck. The proper action is to stop by the side of the road, call 911 and wait with windows rolled up. There is no excuse for attempting to outrun the other vehicle, it does not work.

I had one guy chase me down. I got off at an exit that I KNEW had the aurora jail there (oddly, not well marked). He followed me until I pulled into there. Then he tore off very quickly.

I hope they captured the plate numbers of both those cars and send them both massive fines.

Ok. What are you going to ticket the guy in white for?

Both should get reckless driving charges. Both clearly had no regard for the safety of anyone else on the roadway. See 2:45 into the video when the white car brake checks the black car back. Both are wrong.

Did you watch the video? Not sure if you’re aware of it, but driving on the shoulder, cutting off cars, and speeding are all moving violations. He might have defense, but it won’t be that he has clean hands.

Another Euro point of view

Likely lost of misery in ones private life to get to that point of anger. If kids were taught at school some basic psychology and problem solving by open hart discussions we would probably witness less situations like this. Now we only have the society we deserve & being too focused on objects and not enough on the humans around does likely not help.

One rule I live by is this: Everyone gets ONE free pass from me. Listen, people do stupid things all the time. Sometimes they don’t even realize they cut somebody off. Sometimes they’re drunk or on drugs, who knows (who cares)? If you let them off the hook for their “first offense”, you’ll be surprised how much more pleasant (and safer) your drive would be!

So what do you do if they do something a second time?

I know it’s sometimes hard and the adrenaline can take over, but the only reasonable thing to do is de-escalate and stop the situation. With cars, if that means you stop then you should stop, call the police, and wait.

Does the dashcam display speed, time, date and location?

No, no, no, and no. No sound either. Technically, the time/date is built into the name of the files, not on screen.

Not the built in one, but I can set the Blackview to show most of that. Not sure anyone does location.

No, but this is the first attempt. Hopefully the rear camera is added, along with watermarking, and configurable controls for loop-length.

This is on the stretch of I-95 in Maryland just north of DC.

The white Explorer did cut the black Nissan Murano off. It looks like accidental. But It could be intentional. But what the black Nissan did for the next 5 minutes in trying to get back at the Ford Explorer were just insane.

This is why you hear about people shooting each other down the highway due to road rage…

The Ford Explorer driver should be ticketed, but the Nissan driver should be arrested and get the licenses suspended for at least 30 days.

In Germany, that has very moderate traffic laws, the driver of the black car would definitely loose his iicense permanently, and the driver of the white vehicle probably too. They could apply for a new licence after some time (by getting through driving school like a beginner, quite costly) and after passing an even more costly psychological test.
In Switzerland, the driver of the black vehicle would likely get a few months in prison (yes, even going above the speed limit and reckless driving can send a driver behind bars) and the car would be impounded and auctioned off as additional punishment.

Looked to me the white SUV driver may not have even cut off the black SUV driver to the point the black SUV driver HAD To swerve or get hit. Looked like there was room to jam the brakes. Honk-worthy offense for sure, but that’s it.

Oh, I have no doubt that the white SUV forced his way in. At worse a 16 point ticket.
The guy in black probably should be looking at misdemeanor or more.
He was actively trying to force the other guy off the road AND to stop.

the black nissan was NOT trying to ‘get back’ at the white. He was trying to force him off the road AND to stop.

and no. the black suv driver needs a minimum of 1 year or more suspension.

dangerous people, both of them, you never enter in a game with such a fool even if you are pissed of because both of them turn to play a very dangerous game for the other people on the road

I wouldn’t say that the white SUV cut off the black one. I’d say that the black one was lingering in the blind spot, which every 16 year old is taught not to do, and it moved to the left as the white one is entered the lane. That left it in the blind spot until the black SUV INTENTIONALLY cut off the white one.

When people want to change lanes, especially when they signal well ahead of time, don’t be a jerk and try to block them, and then get mad at them after you created a hazard.

If I were to give an official “@ssholery” score to each driver, I’d give the black SUV driver a 110% and the white SUV driver 15%.

It’s hard to come away from situations like this. If I give space for someone to merge often the car behind me gets pissed. People get angry when you are kind to other drivers. Some people treat it like video game.

you need to look at it again. the back was NOT lingering. there was a line of cars and he was keeping a decent distance from the car in front of him. The white car simply cut him off, and I think based on how he shot over there, he KNEW that black car was there.

That really doesn’t justify the response. Honk and move on.

Tesla on-board camera system: To serve and protect.

Call me terrible, but I was expecting a collision at the end. Both SUVs collide, flip over and burst into flames on the side of the highway. Maybe I watch too many movies.

well, those were ICE cars.
Would not be surprised.

I’d never have followed that kind of madness.

I would had long pulled over for my safety, and my families safely as well!

Clearly neither one knows how to do a proper pick or simply take the first exit to go get a beer instead of this stupidity. I’m more scared of the people who wish this happens to them so they can show off how stupider they’d be.

Let them go… your manhood is safe. It won’t hurt you to let somebody with less self control go be an ass to somebody else.

Or pull off the road and call the police, and if they get out of their car, wait until they are away from their vehicle and drive away calmly. If they chase you, stop again and repeat until the police arrive.

ah, why is this news! Just because it’s from a Tesla? Come on guys, this happens all the time – there are not so nice people everywhere!

We’ve all done stupid things behind the wheel of a car at some point in our lives, but that episode takes it to another level all together.

I hope the Model 3 owner passes on this footage to local law enforcement and two idiots get taken of the road for everyone’s safety!

I would like to think/hope that no passengers went through such a shameful and dangerous experience.

This reminds me of the best selling video game of all time: GTA V. Perhaps these two are gamers…

Geez! Anyone notice the white cross on the right side of the road at the beginning? This could have added a couple more crosses down the road!

Would love to know what happened with respect to police intervention and punishment.

This is how people get killed almost every day in the US, taking out tensions from work or home onto the road with gun in the glovebox. Pathetic.

If I was the white SUV, (and I assume it was an accident that he changed lanes without checking blind spot), I’d just sit on the shoulder until the black SUV is well out of range.

I guess it was part of the “Make America Great again” story…


If you had a Tesla and someone tried that you could leave them in the dust pretty quickly. Having said that a self-driving car would be very passive in this situation, potentially endangering the occupants to a crazy person getting out of the car and attacking you.


WHY is this worth an „article“?

Why is this article worth your post?

what schmuckers they are both stupid

Surprised you didn’t call as it was happening, given it only takes a press of a button and a few words in a Tesla ;p

They look like two baby hippopotamus playing together.