Tesla Model 3 Cumulative Production Exceeds 35,000

Tesla Model 3

JUN 10 2018 BY MARK KANE 33

Tesla Model 3 production recently crossed a cumulative level of 35,000, according to estimations by Bloomberg.

The Tesla Model 3 Tracker indicates (as of June 8) 35,631 units produced and a production rate of 2,560 weekly.

Tesla aims for 5,000 Model 3 a week by the end of the quarter (or maybe even 6,000) and there are still 20 days left to hit the target.

The company has more than a month to close out a full year of production of the Model 3 above 50,000, which we believe will be possible.

Separately, the number of VIN registrations is approaching 52,000.

Production and deliveries of the Model 3 in previous quarters thus far:

  • 2017’Q3 – 260 produced, and 222 delivered
  • 2017’Q4 – 2,425 produced and 1,542 delivered
  • 2018’Q1 – 9,766 produced and 8,182 delivered
  • 2018’Q2- already >23,000 produced with around 20 days until the end of the quarter

Tesla Model 3 Tracker (Source: Bloomberg)

Source: Bloomberg

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Hey Mr. G, not sure if you are aware but there is a button on the left side of your keyboard called “caps lock.” If you’ll hit it once it will make your posts seem a little less LOUD.

It’s his thing, and has been for years. It’s not done to be annoying.

It’s just text..

As are Donald Trumps twitter messages… yet…

Right – Yea, the caps lock thing is what it is, a bit loud. But on the other hand, can you honestly say that you can’t paraphrase that part of his posts from memory? CTDOCA WUF!

Saying July 2017 was full production over set expectations.
It look a while to get rolling and that IS to be expected.

3 more weeks to go by the end of Q2, but keep those cars on the parking lot to pass 200k sales in July. After that sell them like crazy.

Nope, has been shipping and delivering to Canada at an amazing rate. No sitting around in parking lots needed.

I think Canada IS the Parking Lot of Choice! (Canadians Pay to “PARK” their Model 3 at Home, Finally!)
And – I saw my first one in Toronto, Ontario, Area, Yesterday (in the Wild) – Near Richmond Hill!

Thought I saw my first last evening, and confirmed it today … in Victoria, BC!

I am not eligible for the Tax Credit, but I would hate to see US Tesla sales hit 200k on 30 June instead of 1 July. Particularly for those waiting for the Base Model 3, who are probably extending themselves financially to get even that.

Not in the States?

I expect Tesla to report 199,999 sold on July 1. Why the hell not.

It’d be smart to keep a bigger buffer than 1.

Unlikely unless they are dumber than a rock.

Check out the Reddit user made model 3 tracker. It was more accurate than Bloomberg for Q1. (Just a little bit) it also breaks out dileveries by country so you can see how many are going to Canada. https://www.reddit.com/r/teslamotors/

Nope, Bloomberg is smoking something… they are about 5K high…

Looks like there gonna be building 5,000 TM3 this week and hopefully continue refining and improving.

We will see in July. It’s a long way to go from the 2560/week now (per the article) to 5k in 3 weeks.

Exactly… and as the line approaches design rate, the factory logistics become very difficult to manage.

What a lame duck! Pass! 35,000 in one year? That’s 3000 a month, only 100 a day!

Which EV manufacturer is building more.

“Which EV manufacturer is building more”

BYD and Nissan.

BYD, Nissan, VW, and a ton of others in China.

You know the year isnt over yet right???

Better lame duck than lame troll!


They didn’t start general deliveries until around Christmas, so only 5 or 6 months, more interesting will be the next 6 months.

Deliveries started July 28-2017

Totally off topic question to the editors….

I just drove behind a Karma Revero — stunning car! Why is it not on the monthly scorecard list? I know there have not been many made — but they are obviously out there (I did get a photo from behind)

Does Karma release any sales numbers?

They haven’t sold one yet. The one you seen must have been a test vehicle.

I have a question regarding the bloomberg model 3 tracker: It uses the VIN registrations of the NHTSA for the estimation of model 3 production. But whats about the Model 3 for canada. Are those included in the NHTSA registrations or would it need an update by the canadian equivalent? So might it be possible that these VINs are not part of the Bloomberg estimation? I suppose, Tesla will deliver as much Model3 as possible to Canada not to hit the 200k vehicles in June.