Here’s A Guide To Choose Your Tesla Model 3 Before Prices Go Up

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Guest post: Blane Erwin, Current Automotive; Editor’s Note: The prices shown here are valid until March 18th. Tesla just announced plans “to raise vehicle prices by about 3% on average worldwide… [however] there will be no price increase to the $35,000 Model 3. The price increases will only apply to the more expensive variants.” So if you’re in the market for a Model 3, this handy guide can help — but you’ve only got a week to take advantage of these lower prices.

*This article comes to us courtesy of EVANNEX (which also makes aftermarket Tesla accessories). Authored by Matt Pressman. The opinions expressed in these articles are not necessarily our own at InsideEVs.

Source: Current Automotive

Tesla’s announcement of the long-awaited Standard Range and surprising Standard Range Plus Model 3 also came with the introduction of two new interior trim levels. Previously, all Model 3s came with the premium interior, featuring Tesla’s soft synthetic seat material, heated seats for all five occupants, and a 14-speaker premium sound system, plus other features. Without needing to choose an interior trim level, building your Model 3 was pretty easy: pick a battery size, pick the colors, decide if you want Enhanced Autopilot.

With the addition of the Standard Range Model 3, there are now three interior trim levels, six battery and performance levels, five exterior colors, two interior colors, and two wheel styles to choose from. Popular features aren’t available on all interior trims, and it’s easy to increase the price of a Standard Range Model 3 to well over $40,000.

To make it easier, we’ll break down what features come with each interior trim, then show what interior is available with each performance level of the car.

Source: Current Automotive

The standard interior Model 3 comes with Tesla’s minimalistic interior style, but not much else. We have yet to see and feel the cloth seats of the standard-trim, so we can’t comment on the quality of the materials used.

For just $2,000 more, The partial premium interior will probably entice a lot of buyers. Tesla’s adds its soft synthetic leather material and front heated seats that are 12-way power adjustable.

Meanwhile, the premium interior has an exclusive hold on Tesla’s satellite maps and navigation system that uses live traffic data, along with its 14-speaker audio system, in-car Internet media streaming, heated rear seats, and several other features.

Instagram: Current Automotive

Model 3 buyers don’t get to mix-and-match interiors with battery sizes though – each battery size is matched with a specific interior trim. If you want the premium interior, you have no choice but to drop at least an extra $5,000 for the Mid-Range battery.

Take a look at the table below that shows what interior trim is available with each battery size, and the performance available at each level. [Reminder: prices shown below, excluding the base model, are scheduled to rise approximately 3% in a week.]

Source: Current Automotive

Finally, there are five different options to choose from. Those include paint colors, wheel styles, interior colors, Autopilot, and Full Self Driving. The latter two can be added to any of the vehicles.

Here, it’s possible to add up to $13,000 in options to a Model 3. When you factor in Tesla’s $1,200 destination fee, it’s possible to turn the $37,000 Standard Plus range Model 3 into a vehicle that costs $51,200 before taxes.

Source: Current Automotive via Tesla

With the price cut for new Model 3s, it will be tempting for many to cross shop used with new cars. When looking at the value of a used Model 3, one must keep options like interior trim and Autopilot in mind – Tesla’s changes to the Autopilot features means older vehicles may offer a better value depend on the exact features that are important to you.


*Source: Current Automotive; Editor’s Note: Current Automotive is the first-ever U.S. car retailer focused exclusively on used electric cars launched by two former Tesla employees.

*InsideEVs Editor’s Note: EVANNEX, which also sells aftermarket gear for Teslas, has kindly allowed us to share some of its content with our readers, free of charge. Our thanks go out to EVANNEX. Check out the site here.

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Says Evannex before you open and right at the top.

He’s not questioning if it is. He’s saying it is yet another one.

But this article is informative. If I’m in the market for M3 today, I’d get RWD LR. For about what you’d pay for Kona/Niro (dealer markups), you get almost 90 more miles and full premium interior.

At 1st. we were told that with increased mass production prices were “Going Down” Now prices are going Up ? The “BS” bombardment “NEVER STOPS” ! Maybe it’s time to just walk away ! ** 🙁 **

The Tesla hater’s BS is never ending.

The price increase is tied to decision not to close as many stores. At least it is after Model Y reveal, and is a relatively small change.

Tesla always is competitive with prices. Don’t buy now. So just wait another month until they go back down. Prob can get for a lot cheaper then.

The issue with this is that you’ll be behind all the people who have ordered to date. If ordering an SR or SR+, that could put you at risk for not getting the current federal tax credit. I doubt the SR or SR+ prices will be cheaper than they are now. Do you really think Tesla will drop the base M3 below $35k?

Confirm please: Is every Model 3 variation going up 3% with the exception of the $35,000 model?

I thought it was only the performance models, but then that could be wrong too. It’s like Musk has a brainstorm goes off half-cocked and the his advisors rush in and say, Man you can’t do that.
It’s as if he’s writing code and people are finding bugs, so he modifies it, and runs the program again. My advice is too run the code by some of the best programmers before you make it policy.

Abraham Gilles de Jager

What about the glasroof, i read somewhere that only the premium interior becomes the infrared- and ultraviolet protection glass.

Its standard and in the chart above.

Just FYI, all laminated glass has UV protection of roughly 99%.

Or, you could wait a few days until they announce a further change in this pricing change.

Or you could wait a year until tax credit is gone.

I have been watching the Model 3 for a bit now and got really interested when they had the price drop. Let’s face it, the AWD version with 300 mile range is only about 7000$ more than any Bolt that you can get with leather seats (Yes it is pre-haggling, but outside of CARB states there haven’t been great deals to be had).

What I was actually worried about was that they would announce that they were doing steel roofs, which would make the glass roof a ~1-3000$ option. I have to hope we are a a price-point bottom, because I I freaked out and pulled the trigger when I saw the prices were going up again.

And since I am in “other Europe” region I cant order anytime soon 🙁

I was all set to order a Model 3 LR RWD in May. I’ve been waiting and hoping that some of the car’s issues are addressed (excessive cabin noise and bumper drainage primarily). This announcement means I need to speed things up or eat the $1,200 price increase. Not liking that pressure.

Tesla seriously needs to stop surprise price changing their vehicles as if they’re phones or tablets. Slow down; be more methodical.

I agree that they need to “steady the ship”, and remember that they’re not running the corner convenience mart. They should be mature and make changes more carefully.

If it helps any, keep in mind that with traditional automakers, they change prices many times throughout the year without any advance notice at all. This is done by what rebate programs they offer and what region they offer them in. Similar to Tesla, you can see when the current pricing ends, but with traditional automakers, rarely will you get advance notice of what discount applies the day after the current set of rebates end. Further, you never really know what price you’re paying until after you’ve been through the finance office and double-checked the paperwork.

Has Tesla made a mistake? Yes. It’s it consequential? Again, yes. Is it a huge mistake? No, not really.

Anybody know if the base and partial premium interiors will include garage door opener? I know it won’t be automatic, but will the function be there at all to push manually?

Do consider the “Model 3 Carpet Interior Mats” ($95 MSRP) and “Model 3 Carpet Front Trunk Mat” ($35 MSRP) may be excluded from the Standard Interior and Partial Premium Interior.

Reference note on below links: “This mat set is included in all Model 3’s with the Premium Interior option”:

Sometimes I think Musk is a bit impulsive.

Ironically, I have been waiting to see all the offerings, and somewhat, surprisingly, the “best” config (for me) is likely the car that started it all – the LR RWD. The SR+ is definitely the value play and if I knew I wouldn’t miss some of the full premium features I would strongly consider it.

I say all this knowing the “performance” car guy in me is saying “yeah right….you know are getting the performance model!”

Thats what I got, last July, haven’t regretted it. The car still does 0-60 in ~5sec, V8 performance and 130mpge!