Check Out This Tesla Battery Converted To A Trailer


A project with a lot of potential.

Besides electric vehicles, we’re also suckers for recycling. So, when a project puts both of these things together, well, we’re in. What you see in the video above is a trailer made from the aluminum shell of a battery pack pulled from a salvage Tesla Model S. And it’s awesome.

Rich Benoit is the host of the YouTube channel Rich Rebuilds (formerly, Car Guru), and he uses the platform to showcase his passion for rebuilding Tesla electric vehicles. In this latest episode, he shows us how he and a friend, from a suggestion made on Facebook, took the empty carcass of a battery pack and turned it into a functioning trailer. Not only is this a pretty cool project as a simple accessory to pull behind a car but because of its unique origins, it could be returned to at least part of its former glory as a battery pack while retaining its newfound hauler functionality.

Now, if you haven’t watched the video, just know that the project looks a lot better by the end than it does in the screen capture image above. It’s got fenders and a lip running along its outermost edge to help keep things in place. It’s also been painted. Future modifications will add LED lights, along with, perhaps, a Tesla battery module to power them.

If it does anything, the video whets our appetite for more. Not just more trailers, but more variations on this theme. We can imagine turning one of these into a mini pop-up camper. With more modules reinstalled, it could not only power everything you might want to bring on a weekend getaway into the wilderness, it could possibly even act as a reserve storage for the electric vehicle pulling it. The roof could have solar panels to help keep it charged up.

While we continue mulling the potential variations for this rig, feel free to share your own thoughts in comments. If you’re curious about the man behind the video, we’ve embedded a recent (and very awesome) episode from Vice that tells his story. Enjoy!


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If you could plug that into the car, you could have a P200D with room to spare.

Agreed, that’s what I thought when I saw the headline. It would need coolant lines hookups too.

How? It doesn’t have any batteries in it!

I expect they mean by using one with its cells intact.

That’s what he aught to be engineering. A plain utility trailer is just Tesla fandom/geekdom stuff.

That’s one expensive trailer.


I’d turn it into a power-wall !

An even better idea would be to have a power wall that you can put on a trailer and use as a range extender on occasional long trips.

Or better yet at the job site 😎

Put some hub motors in the wheels. No need to connect it to the car and it’s a great range extender.


On a serious note, that would bring on a lot of handling and control issues to say the least.

that could provide 200 kWh to the Tesla. Or you can just get a Roadster II and have 200 kWh all in 1 sleek car.

I’d be happy with a 3/4 size Roadster with half the power pack.

How about a sports model based on a Model 3 Performance? It’s time to take down those pesky Abarh 124’s, Toyota Supras, BMW Z4’s and Nissan GT-R’s. Lower the C of G some more and give it the big battery, track mode, big wheels, active aero, tuned suspension etc.

Very clever idea. I suspect trailer and camper manufacturers have considered this idea as an added feature to their products. It’s a great way to recycle these old battery packs.

More interesting would be a EV-compatible brake for trailers. In other words: A regenerative brake in a trailer which can charge the EV battery or at least has it’s own battery which can support the EV with a motor in the trailer.


That’s the first idea for “second life” battery packs that I actually consider convincing. Since you’d only use that battery now and again, the short remaining cycle life of the old battery shouldn’t be an issue…

This may be the beginning of The Total Trend Torward Terrific Towable Tesla Trailer Trash!

Stakebed holes needed for the side rails and reargate!

Perfect for hauling those often times problematic heavy loads of garbage, like carrying t-Rump to the Dump!

Insert modules and use this Swiss Army Knife device as a small travel trailer with It’s own power supply. It can be a cargo trailer or flatbed for any number of uses.

Call it the Long Ranger trailer and double your Tesla’s range.

When its laying around, it’s your home backup for power outages or supplemental power storage at home attached to solar. It runs your power tools on property wherever energy is needed.

This trailer makes your mind go wild with the possibilities if it were loaded with 18650s. Model 3 skatebiard trailers with 2170s anyone? Building and selling these would be more lucrative than making videos on YouTube for sure. I would buy one!

And if someone rams into that trailer from behind? That’s why the Tesla cars have large crumple zones.

There are no people sitting in the trailer — so who cares?