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Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Charges Up Solar Roof Line At Gigafactory 2

Tesla just launched production of  photovoltaic glass shingles for the Solar Roof at the Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo, New York. Earlier, Tesla and Panasonic began production of the conventional photovoltaic cells and modules at the site. New York decided to support the factory with $750 millionin incentives. The number of…

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Tesla Solar Could Power The World Of The Future

TESLA SOLAR: HOW TO POWER THE ENTIRE U.S. ON SUNSHINE Elon Musk managed to get off a lot of really pithy comments in his recent appearance at the National Governors Association meeting – he spoke of a future in which gas-burning cars will be like horses, and explained how China has taken…

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Could Tesla Jump Start Japan’s Solar Industry?

Tesla may be the ticket to getting Japan’s solar industry back off the ground. Japan’s current solar energy situation is bleak. This is due in part to the country’s tariff system. Added to this, energy storage units are considerably expensive in Japan. One might assume that Tesla’s Powerwall would price out…

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Tesla Solar Roof

Could Lobbyists Kill Tesla’s Solar Roof?

Not unlike Big Oil’s battle against EVs, or traditional dealerships fight to stop Tesla’s direct sales model, or labor unions pushing to organize Tesla, traditional utility companies are lobbying against Tesla’s Solar Roof. As expected, it seems every direction Tesla turns, there is a fight to be fought. Now that…

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