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Tesla Model 3

Despite Struggles, Tesla Steals Market Share From Rivals

With the Model 3 slowly but surely rolling off Tesla’s assembly line, many are pondering the impact that the revolutionary EV is likely to have on the overall auto market. Will Model 3 take market share away from popular mid-size luxury sedans? Any crystal ball-gazer wishing to answer that question…

1 month ago by EVANNEX 60

Chevy Bolt

In Media Debut, Taco Truck Trips Up Autonomous Chevy Bolt

Though some automakers are working diligently on self-driving cars, this Chevy Bolt proves that it may still be awhile before a robot can fully comprehend its environment. GM’s Cruise Automation initiated the first public rides in its autonomous Bolt this week. Reporters and non-employees were able to experience the self-driving…

2 months ago by Steven Loveday 32