Spain To Introduce ICE Car Ban From 2040?

NOV 17 2018 BY MARK KANE 19

No internal combustion engines after 2040?

The Spanish government intends to propose a ban on sales of gasoline or diesel cars from 2040. Even hybrids could be included in the ban.

It’s not yet voted upon, but apparently will be presented to parliament by the end of the year.

According to Reuters, the current government struggles to pass any major proposals, including the budget for 2019, which means that it’s too early to include Spain in the 2040 no ICE club.

Countries that intend to ban ICE cars in some way:

Source: Reuters

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22 years in the future?? There’s nothing like commitment!

It’s symbolic. Of course people won’t be buying combustion cars by 2040 — but many haven’t realised that yet. The symbolic deadline sends a message that EVs are a foregone conclusion, so better start thinking about them seriously right now…

I can buy that. Thanks for the perspective.

It’s true, with recent moves down in the price of crude, hardly anyone attributes the fall to what evs are doing to the consumption of oil Evs are only 1% of new car sales they shout, (closer to 3% now and that will keep rising).
By 2040 I think the ICE will be a boutique market, or special use cases, like artic conditions.

Interesting perspective, thanks. It’s lip service, but as you point out, there can be value in giving something lip service.

This will be hard to achieve in a democracy. By all means let’s tax carbon, but this is the kind of “progressive” thinking that gets people to vote for Republicans and their ilk in other countries.

“Even hybrids”…. any car that can run on petrol is a petrol car, any car that can run on diesel is a diesel car. Any car that has an ICE is an ICE car.

Sometimes it’s kind of funny to read “ban on ICE” and such and then when you read further ICE’s are still allowed en masse in hybrids and plugin-hybrids. If you ban ICE’s then ICE’s can’t be allowed of course.

2040 is very weak though, but better than not having a ban at all.

“Seinfeld” had the Soup Nazi; IEVs comments unfortunately have EV purity Nazis.

According to stats posted at, the fleet average for Volts is 66% EV miles. That’s a very real reduction in gasoline consumption which your black-and-white viewpoint completely ignores.

If PHEVs were eliminated from the market, would most current PHEV drivers start driving BEVs? No, they would just go back to driving gasmobiles.

Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater, hmmm?

I’m not saying that PHEVs can’t be good. But a ICE car ban of course includes all kinds of hybrids that has an ICE, if not then it is not an ICE ban….

And if you have a ban on petrol/diesel cars it is hard for people to go back to driving gasmobiles… 😉

Sure, let’s compare “EV purism” with dictatorship and genocide…

PHEVS are good for 2020 but there is no reason to keep one on the road in 2040.

Comment on list above:
Any mention of a ban in Israel is simply wishful thinking on the part of a tiny handful of people in Ministry of Energy. Treasury hasn’t signed off on it, nor has any senior political figure whatsoever. There’s no infrastructure nor money to make this happen, e.g., EV subsidies — rather, the government is very much dependent on high taxation of cars & fuel for income.

Israelis don’t have power outlets? Plenty of infrastructure… it’s also a short and narrow country where driving outside it’s borders make little sense, adding fast charging stations in the right spot will be super easy.

Tax ICE’s twice as much and no tax on EVs, problem solved. And they don’t need high taxation of cars and fuel, they can tax anything they want. Not having to import the fuel will be a great source of tax income in itself.

It would not be hard for Israel…if they want to.

That’s just the point, noone in the government really cares. All Israeli governments (of whatever political persuasion) have set goals for environmental and/or energy independence policies, and then completely ignored them.
Even the green-ish parties never pressed the coalitions they were part of to do anything substantive.

There’s no reason we shouldn’t have had 20-25% solar electricity by now, instead of <1% (we have a lot of startups active in the field as well), both PV and solar-thermal.

By infrastructure, I meant two things:
1) The vast majority of people live in apartments, many without assigned parking, so government intervention is needed to allow installing EVSEs with as little red tape as possible, both in apartment parking as well as on-street and in workplaces; significant financial incentives are needed for this.
2) Ditto for L2/L3 public charging on motorways & destination charging.

ICEs are already taxed at 83% percent (much more for luxury vehicles), BEVs only at 10%, PHEVs at 30% — very few EVs have been bought despite this.

Might as well be 3040. Plans from politicians about something 20 or 22 years in the future are almost always meaningless.

What you forget is that for most countries they have no native fossil fuel sources, all fuel is imported. For countries such as Spain they have a bunch of natural sunlight and wind. For sovereignty alone it makes enormous sense to get off oil and gas ASAP, and the cost of transition is becoming cheaper each day!

Spain has terrible air quality and the cities are choke full of VW Tdis. They should pass a 2040 ban if they can and then work to move it up to 2030 0r 2035.

Are you aware that Madrid has new regulation coming into effect in a few days (2018-11-23)?

Good decision.