InsideEVs' Kyle Conner just completed an exclusive demo ride in a pre-production 2022 Lucid Air Grand Touring with Derek Jenkins, Lucid Senior Vice President of Design and Brand.

According to Kyle, who already had an opportunity to check out the Lucid Air in November 2020, the first ride experience was truly impressive.

The car is really luxurious, high quality, well put together, and offers outstanding acceleration, that stands out even among the quickest EVs on the market.

Kyle Conner noted that the range indicator showed 219 miles (352 km) remaining, despite less than half a charge left on the battery. That's another strong point of Lucid.

We are waiting for the production and ultimate launch of the car, after a delay, as the company is busy refining the products. The main things, like the powertrain, are ready according to Lucid, although details - both with the hardware and software - as well as fine-tuning, still require some work.

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The presented Lucid Air Grand Touring is a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive with an expected range of 517 miles (832 km) and 800 HP. The price starts at $139,000.

The first version - Air Dream Edition  (reservations closed) offers 1,080 HP and 503 miles of range (809 km) at a price of $169,000 (prices before $7,500 federal tax credit).

The entry-level versions will be the Air Pure ($77,400) single motor version and Air Touring ($95,000) dual-motor version.

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