You already know much of what there is to know about the Lucid Air thanks to our extensive coverage of what promises to be one of the most important EVs on the market very soon. We discussed all the relevant technical details and prices in our article when it was presented. We still owed you a video about how it feels to be around it and inside it. After all, we’re InsideEVs! Time to fix that.

Kyle Conner went to the Manhattan Classic Car Club to meet this Lucid in person. You will see his impressions on the video above, but one thing he mentions, and you won’t see anywhere else is how good the interior of the electric luxury sedan smells.

Apart from that, Conner shows some interesting aspects of the car design, such as the giant clamshell design for the trunk lid, which grants amazing access to the huge rear cargo space the Air offers. That lid is where the largest tail lights in any car in the world are installed.

Conner was also impressed with the massive windshield Lucid put in this car. It extends until the end of the front doors, which makes us hope that they are made of a very resistant material. Replacing this thing in case of stone chips and other possible damages will not only be a pain but very likely expensive as well.

At the front, Lucid told Conner the Air's headlights will be among the most efficient ever to equip a car. Above them, there are slots to improve airflow among the many things that make it reach an estimated EPA range of 517 miles.

Conner also entered the car and told us in this video how it feels to be in the rear seats and the main spot in the Air: behind the steering wheel. Sadly, he did not manage to drive it or to take it to our track. That’s something we’ll do as soon as Lucid allows us to put our hands in one of these machines. Let’s hope Conner can tell us about that as soon as possible.

Source: InsideEVs US 

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