The guys over at Daily Motor got hold of a Ford Mustang Mach-E and put together a video review, comparing it to their own Tesla Model Y.

These two electric vehicles are direct, head to head competitors and will undoubtedly be cross-shopped by many consumers looking for an all-electric crossover. The Model Y is their own personal vehicle, and they admit that their familiarity may influence their initial opinions.

However, they also point out that they come from a diehard Ford family, and really want the Mustang Mach-E to be a great EV, and enjoy much success. 

Model Y vs Mach-E

They guys point out the Tesla is much more efficient and also seems more planted on the road. The lift-off regenerative braking is also stronger on the Model Y but the Mach-E does have a blended braking system to add regen when the friction brake pedal is depressed, and the Model Y doesn't have blended brakes, only lift-off regen. 

They also point out that they believe the Model Y's center screen layout is more easily navigated. However, they own the Model Y and have only spent a short time in the Mach-E so it's possible that they are just more familiar with the Model Y so the user interface seems easier to navigate.

The available cargo space is also an area where the Tesla has the advantage. The Model Y has more cargo space, 68 cu ft compared to the Mach-E's 60 cu ft. The Model Y also has wider tires than the Mach-E which should provide better grip (255s for the Model Y compared to the Mach-E's 225s).

Charlie actually preferred the driving dynamics of the Mach-E over the Model Y and Nathan preferred the Model Y. However, when it came to the overall package, both guys said they would choose the Model Y, but they left the door open to change their opinion once they have a Mach-E for a longer period for a more thorough review.

So check out the entire video and let us know if you agree with their initial assessment. As always, please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.  

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