The 2020 MINI Cooper SE may be short on range, but it's definitely long on personality and is a really fun little EV to drive. We spent some time behind the wheel of one in January and offered our initial driving impressions in our 2020 MINI Cooper SE first-drive review. 

We came away with the impression that, although it's not a purpose-built EV on a dedicated electric platform, MINI did a really nice job on it. Plus, with a starting price of under $30k, MINI would probably find quite a few people willing to drive one home from the dealership. However, that would be under the terms of a purchase, because unfortunately, MINI decided not to lease the Cooper SE in the United States

That suspicion was confirmed when MINI announced that they had already made 11,000 Cooper SEs in about half a year of production. While that might not sound like a huge figure, MINI isn't a high-volume brand and worldwide annual sales are only about 350,000 for all MINI models combined. 

Gallery: MINI Electric (MINI Cooper SE)

In the above video, Alex Dykes of the YouTube channel Alex on Autos does one of his fantastic review videos on the MINI Cooper SE. I've shared cars with Alex on a couple of media drives and have the utmost respect for his work and this review is no exception. 

We've seen more than a few reviews on the Cooper SE but honestly, this one may very well be the most thorough and informative one out there, so we decided to share it with the InsideEVs audience.

So check out the video and let us know if you agree that Alex did a bang-up job on it. As always, please leave your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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