We've already shared several videos about our friend Brian Jenkins' (i1Tesla) Overlanding Tesla Model Y. That's because it's truly unique, and it had the welcome opportunity to tool around the off-road trails with Kyle Conner at our track in North Carolina. However, this recent video about the off-road Model Y is much different. It's a range test, but rather than working to improve range, Jenkins has shaved off some efficiency.

Cars are designed with many key factors in mind. One of the most important, especially if performance and range are paramount, is aerodynamics. Weight is a biggie as well. If you make modifications to a car, there's a good chance you'll throw its key design elements out of whack. In many cases, it won't matter much. For instance, if you slightly modify a big squared-off pickup truck, or you swap out the tires on your Jeep Wrangler.

However, if you take a Tesla Model Y, raise it, slap on big tires, and throw a roof rack, a light bar, and a spare tire up top, you'll surely have one unique range test. While long range isn't the goal for Jenkins' Overlanding Model Y, it's still very important to know how far you can go before you hit the trails.

Jenkins recorded this video prior to hitting the trails at Conner's place in North Carolina. In fact, this is his 250-mile road trip to the track. He says upfront that he'll never make it the whole way on a single charge, though the Model Y could potentially pull it off without the mods. Jenkins tends to drive the car pretty hard, so his average consumption is 325 Wh/mi.

How much will that number increase due to the modifications? Check out the video for all the details. Then, scroll down and leave us your wisdom.

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