The latest BMW 3 Series, the G20, is at the top or close to the very top of the compact executive sedan segment. It has an unmatched blend of qualities and is considered by many a benchmark, which is why it’s suitable to measure the up-and-coming Tesla Model 3 against it.

And I say up-and-coming because in Europe it’s yet to explode in popularity like it has in North America. Europeans still want to buy EVs, yet they are a bit more reserved to give up conventional cars in their favor.

Besides, when conventional cars are as good as the latest BMW 320i, it’s hard to blame them. However, even against one of the greats such as the 3 Series, the Model 3 still has plenty of things going in its favor, as this video comparison of the two by WhatCar suggests.

The BMW is more engaging to drive, is better built and the breadth of customization options exceeds what you can do with a Tesla. However, the Model 3, even the base Standard Range+ model, is quicker to sprint, has lower running costs and it too is packed with tech.

On top of this, in the Model 3, you can use the expanding Supercharger network which really does a good job of charging the car quickly; Supercharger access makes owning a Tesla far more convenient than other EVs on the market, making the experience rival that of owning a conventional car.

Looking at the likes to dislikes ratio that the video got on YouTube, it’s pretty clear that the presenter’s conclusion that the BMW is the better overall choice didn’t go down well with many viewers.

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