Porsche To Ditch Diesel In Favor Of Electrification

Porsche Mission E


Porsche Mission E And 911

In the wake of Dieselgate, the decision is hardly surprising.

Porsche is taking the next step in the push toward electrifying more models by removing the last diesel-fueled engines from its lineup. In Europe, the Panamera and Macan will no longer be available with the oil-burning mills. A statement from the company to Autocar cited a “cultural shift” as the reason for the decision. However, there was also likely a regulatory reason behind the choice because the firm referenced a software update that has been involved in an “ongoing consultation with the authorities.”

Porsche Mission E Alongside Porsche 356

Instead of offering diesels, Porsche will increasingly focus on selling hybrids and EVs. These models are already proving popular with the German brand’s buyers, too. According to Autocar, roughly half of Panamera sales are the E-Hybrid variant, versus just 15 percent of them being diesels. There isn’t yet a hybrid Macan, but this variant should join the lineup for the upcoming refresh.

Porsche’s first full EV will be a production version of the Mission E concept. It’ll arrive in 2019 and will eventually offer a range of output options. The base model will reportedly have 402 horsepower (300 kilowatts), but a range-topping variant will likely have around 670 hp (500 kW). Expect a driving range of at least 310 miles.

The company still has its second EV under consideration. An electric version of the next-gen Macan is reportedly the favorite option among execs currently. However, the model wouldn’t arrive until the early 2020s, so there’s still plenty of time for the firm’s planners to change their plan.

In addition, Porsche’s iconic 911 will get a plug-in hybrid variant in 2023 or 2024. By using the cutting edge batteries for the time, the model would likely be capable of going 43 miles solely on electric power.

Source: Autocar

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Electric Boxster is my dream Convertible.

I am patiently waiting.

No real shocker here. I don’t think Dieselgate even really mattered, all things considered. It’s about where the puck’s going, never mind the WAY better efficiency and performance from the electric platform vs. diesel. Porsche has no real choice.

Add the fact that diesel’s only real main purpose is efficiency, not performance. Electric can be used for both.

It was going that way as you say, the VW diesel scandal gave it a nice kick to get ball moving internationally.

I vividly remember some VW fans talking about how great their clean diesels were and how much better than hybrids they were, prior to the scandal surfacing. Oops. Not so clean afterall (they are still efficient though).

They are not efficient in start-stop city driving, only on highway.

When you add higher diesel cost/calorific value, higher maintenance & repair costs, it becomes dubious proposition for light cars even without local emissions problem or without extra costs to reduce these emissions.

They got popular in cars in Europe mostly because of lower taxes on diesel fuel (to reduce CO2 emissions), not because it makes so much sense by itself.

Diesels are great for folks who go long distance often. Much more efficient than gasoline. But apparently too dirty..
The main reason brands will continue using diesel the next years is to achieve the aggressive CO2 targets from the EU (95 g/km on average for all cars sold per manufacturer)
I think a regulation making BEVs cheaper like in Norway would make much more sense. EVs are the future and a 100% share in new sold cars could be achieved by 2025 in my opinion.

You don’t think a truly global conspiracy between the major automakers and successive political parties that has resulted in the deaths of millions *mattered*?! MOG!!!

Dieselgate actually did the world a favor and brought to light the fact that all diesels are foul smelly dirty pollution machines…

Paris, Mexico City, Rome, Madrid, several German cities and other cities made the decision for them to ditch diesel…
Within the next couple of years all auto brands will follow…

Tesla’s sales and overall superior EV performance made the decision for them to transition to electrification…

But good news overall and the sooner they switch the better…

Hard to believe a couple of grad students at a West Virginia University brought the whole thing to light, then sent their findings over to California Air Resource Board. Unsung heroes of the globe. Read the story that sundered the German Auto industry:

They had help from researchers in Europe that knew regulators there were bought by the auto industry. So the WVA University received a tip.

A diesel Porsche sounds odd just by itself

Screw you VW.


“By using the cutting edge batteries for the time, the model would likely be capable of going 43 miles solely on electric power.”

Woo-hoo!! We’re all saved!

Actually, they stopped accepting orders for new Diesel vehicles some weeks ago. What they are not saying is that it has nothing to do with “being green”, but is a combination of plummeting demand for Diesel in favor of their own hybrid offerings (especially in case of Panamera) and a backroom deal with the authorities. The VW Diesel engines in the Porsche cars are all affected by the cheating software, and they rather stopped selling new ones to avoid “buyback” lawsuits after a possible withdrawal of the operating licence for all affected cars currently on the road. So they just stopped adding a few more polluters to keep the existing fleet on the road without changes. Although many would consider this a “loss” for the authorities, it is the biggest victory the KBA has ever achieved against big auto.
Diesel share in Germany now at 32.5% with new registrations in February despite massive incentives, and there is no end in sight in the downward trend.
Toyota also anounced to step out of the Diesel Game in Europe, but this decision s solely based on slumping demand, as far as I know.

VW group companies make sure to TALK about ev’s every week, and then fast charging them every other week, with a new “Concept Vehicle” every off week.

Seeing as the local Porsche dealership only has a 3 kw (at best) MAMMOTH – Sized wallbox, it will be interesting to see if they install a second 3 kw wall box plus TWO – 350 kw fast chargers as we’ve all been led to believe by the pictures they are showing.

I had to drive to Rochester, NY to see a USED vw E-Golf, and new ones apparently aren’t for sale here, nor are any PHEV’s.

I’ll believe VW group is going to do something when I hear much less talk and see much more action.

The “Big Electrification Push” by VW so far locally has been to take the 12 amp, 120 volt (1.44 kw) charger brick out of the trunk of one of their cars and put it in a stylish – fancy painted Cardboard Box to demonstrate their “State of the Art” ev car charging in the fancy showroom.