Nissan Passes 50,000 LEAFs Sold Worldwide

FEB 14 2013 BY JAY COLE 19

For anyone who follows plug-in sales numbers religiously, they knew this milestone was coming; apparently it was also not lost on Nissan as well.

Nissan says that as of Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2013, the company has sold 50,000 all-electric LEAFs.  And while perhaps it was a little slower than originally expected, it is still a remarkable achievement given that before this decade began, there was virtually no electric vehicles at all.

“Today the 100% electric Nissan LEAF marked another milestone in the history of EVs as it passed the 50,000 sales mark, reinforcing its position as the best selling electric vehicle of all time.”

Naturally, Everyone Wants To Know Who Is Second.  Chevrolet Volt/Ampera Rings The Bell At Just Over 40,250 Units Sold Through January 2013

Naturally, When There Is A 1st Place, Everyone Wants To Know Who Is In 2nd.  The Chevrolet Volt/Ampera Rings The Bell At Just Over 40,250 Units Sold Through January 2013

Nissan also takes some time to add some random data points from the 50,000 LEAFs sold:

  • A total distance of more than 260 million km (161 million miles)* has been driven in LEAFs.  A fact which Nissan notes is “greater than the distance from the earth to the sun (and) all of these kilometers were covered with zero tailpipe emissions, contributing to government’s efforts to reduce levels of harmful NOx and particulate matter in cities.”
  • The highest mileage LEAF globally has been revealed as a Japanese customer who has covered more than 175,000 km (108,700 miles)
  • In 17 European countries, 7,000 cars are being driven every day, with one customer in Spain has already clocked up over 43,000 km in one year

With the introduction of a much lower priced, entry level, S model LEAF being introduced around the world ($28,800 in the US), we expect that it will take Nissan a lot less time to achieve the next 50,000 sales of its electric car.

*Figures are based on all LEAFs registered with the Carwings telemetry system, which is not mandatory and not all vehicles are registered.

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Volt was bested by the Leaf? That’s a little surprising, but I’ll take it! My guess is that the Volt was more limited by availability and politics (anyone even remember the Volt fire stories now?), and it will beat Leaf to 100,000.

The secret to all those sales is Japan, there were sold 21.000 units in Japan, add that to 20.000 units in the US, another 7.000 in Eur and you have already 48K units sold.

Volt is not electric, it’s a Hybrid

Don’t start that again. From a purist perspective, sure, Volt isn’t a pure electric. From the other extreme, they’re all plug-in cars which can utilize energy from the electric grid instead of just gasoline, like a traditional hybrid (prius, insight, etc). I’m personally more concerned about the latter category, at least in this decade.

It still stands that worldwide, the Leaf has outsold the Volt. I suspect that by the end of the decade, Volts will have traveled more electric miles than Leafs, thus offsetting more gasoline consumption / emissions.

Agreed… For talking with “Joe Consumer” I consider any vehicle that has a plug to be an electric vehicle. When talking with a group of enthusiasts, I change my vocabulary somewhat. In the same regard that when talking with “Joe Consumer” I’ll talk about the “charger” installed on my wall, but when talking with enthusiasts I’ll call it an “EVSE”

Its still an achievement that a BEV without range backup has found 50k customers worldwide, Volt is a much easier sale since it has an ICE crutch.


Here is a hint
…if it ever burns gasoline….it’s not an Electric Vehicle.

EV miles per car is interesting:

Car / #Sold / EV miles / EV miles per car
LEAF / 50000* / 161,000,000* / 3220
Volt / 40250 / 135,000,000 / 3354*

Congrats Leaf!! Thanks for being on the bleeding edge.

How many of that number happened in its protected home market of Japan?

As of December 2012:
– Japan about 21,000 Leafs
– U.S. with 19,512 units
– Europe with 6,938 units

So I suspect that the US will very soon surpass Japan (if we haven’t already)? Not too shabby for a sprawling nation for which the Leaf is a “poor fit”.

It’s better than I thought would happen. But I think it’s still a bit short of the original number of reservations Nissan took back before the LEAF hit the USA streets. The next year or so will answer whether the LEAF is accepted by the masses or is not.

For a car that is as “attractive as an open mouthed Carp”, it’s really shocking to see numbers this good.

Imagine what sales would be like, if it was a more aesthetically appealing vehicle? 😉

Congrats to Nissan and CG for taking the risk making it possible!!! Looks the “gamble” is paying off. 😉

With the new entry level $28K pricing, the Leaf will distance itself from the competition quite easily with those customers waiting for the EV price point to drop below $30K before making their purchase. Hopefully other manufacturers will start to offer the same entry price point!

Checked with local dealer and demo models are arriving before month end! They already have a waiting list!!!

The spanish costumer is a taxi driver, and off course, is totally happy with his car and still with de 12 bars on the dashboard.

Yes, is not living in Arizona, Valladolid its a cooler place, but after more than 50.000 kilometers the battery capacity still on perfect conditions thanks to the 80% charge limit.

and it would sell more if it had a nice design.

OMG, $28,000 to go to work, and get a hamburger on weekends.

Should it be “50,000 Leafs” or “50,000 Leaves?” At any rate, good show Nissan.