Next-Gen Tesla Roadster To Be Convertible, Says Musk


Musk Tweets On Next-Gen Roadster

Your top-down Tesla is coming in the form of the next-generation Roadster.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk answered some questions (and left us short on details) during his most recent Tweetstorm.

But we did discover a certainty amongst his Tweets. When asked:

Any chance for a convertible? Sun is out top is down.

Musk responded with this:

Next gen Roadster will be convertible

The original Roadster wasn’t what we’d technically call a convertible. It has a removeable top and functions as an “open top” vehicle, but it’s not a convertible by modern definition, or at least not how we envision a convertible.

Old Tesla Roadster – Only 2,450 Were Produced – Or Thereabouts

We expect the next-gen Roadster to more resemble a traditional convertible, at least in regards to its drop top.

This render of the next-gen Roadster is perhaps a bit more along the lines of a conventional convertible, though without seeing the top we can’t be sure.

Next-Gen Tesla Roadster Render By Jan Preisert

Other knowns for the next-gen Roadster include that it will go Maximum Plaid, which is a step above Ludicrous and that one paint option will be plaid. Both of these details come to us straight from Elon Musk.

We expect the next-gen Roadster to launch sometime after 2020, though Tesla has not provided launch-date details as of yet.

As long as the convertible Roadster doesn’t resemble this mess…:


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6 Comments on "Next-Gen Tesla Roadster To Be Convertible, Says Musk"

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Every time I see that butchered Model S, I cringe. What was done to that car is criminal.

Well, the term “roadster” implies a car that is convertible.

and a 2 seater

Doug is correct.

An open-top automobile with two seats.

Loveday is at it again – “We all know a Roadster gets more than 58 miles of range”, was one of his more memorable quotes, when desparaging the British Auto Show’s critique of the Roadster.

Then my friend Leaf Brian with his foot, proved they were right!

Uh, Chief: The ‘Removable Top’ was an Optional Extra. The standard Tesla Roadster (mine incidentally had ZERO options) had a rollup ragtop: the very definition of a convertible.