Tech reviewer Marques Brownlee—AKA MKBHD—thinks the Tesla Cybertruck is already an iconic design. But its bulletproof exterior is overrated. 

That's according to a new video he posted to YouTube on Friday detailing his takeaways after a month of living with Tesla's new truck. He dives into what parts of the Cybertruck live up to the enormous hype—and what falls short. 

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After years of delays, Tesla began deliveries of its Cybertruck electric pickup late last year. It has a polarizing design and plenty of unique features, but it's not certain that the Cybertruck will be a huge seller. 

The truck's steer-by-wire system, for example, is "definitely underrated," according to Brownlee. The Cybertruck has no mechanical connection between its steering wheel and wheels. Instead, inputs from the steering wheel tell motors at the front and rear axles how much to turn. 

That means the truck's steering ratio can be variable; the wheels pivot more sharply at low speeds (for easier parking maneuvers, for example) and more subtly on the highway. As a result, you never need to do any hand-over-hand steering. 

"Combined with the variable steering ratio and four-wheel steering, this is the most nimble, agile-feeling truck that I have ever driven,” Brownlee said. “I don’t think a lot of people realize that.”

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However, in a response to a Cybertruck engineer on X, Brownlee said the steer-by-wire system doesn't make him disappointed in his Porsche 911.  

Bulletproof steel, in his mind, is overrated. The Cybertruck's 800-volt electrical architecture and 48-volt low-voltage system are underrated—since they help make Tesla's truck lighter than the competition. (Most EVs use 400-volt and 12-volt systems, which need heavier-gauge wire.) 

The Cybertruck's performance is slightly overrated, he says. Recreating a demonstration Tesla itself did to promote the truck, Brownlee drag-raced the Cybertruck against a Porsche 911 Turbo S. While the Cybertruck got off the line quicker, the 911 smoked it in a quarter-mile race. 

Tesla's signature minimalism is "a little overrated here," Brownlee said. He thinks Tesla could've added some special touches to the Cybertruck to set the pricey flagship apart from the rest of its lineup. He suggested some physical buttons or a key fob. 

Check out the full video and all of Brownlee's thoughts below: 

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