If you want to sell your Tesla Cybertruck then you're in luck. CarMax will buy it from you. But how much will Carmax pay for your rare and rather unusual electric truck?

Let's recall though that you can't sell your Tesla Cybertruck for at least a year after taking ownership without getting hit with a $50,000 fee (or more) from Tesla. This clause from Tesla was later removed before being put back in place.

Get Fully Charged

What's a used Cybertruck worth to CarMax?

If you bought a Cybertruck but now regret your decision, then perhaps you can sell it to Carmax. How much is it worth to them though? How does $76,000 sound?

YouTube channel What's Inside? Family notes that this particular Cybertruck is not his. He is borrowing it and has no intention of selling it to CarMax (for various reasons, including because he can't without paying Tesla's fee and it's not his, and CarMax knows the vehicle shouldn't be sold).

What's Inside? Family states:

This is the first yYbertruck in the world to get appraised at CarMax. None have been sold on the secondary market yet so this is the bar. how much will we get offered?

We should point out that this Cybertruck costs just over $100,000 to buy new. It has around 3,000 miles on the odometer and is wrapped in green.

As seen in the appraisal offer below, the condition of the truck is considered good in all categories. So, what's a $100,000 Tesla Cybertruck worth to CarMax? Just $76,000. That's quite the loss in value over a very short amount of time.

What's Inside? Family seems pretty appalled by this lowball offer. The YouTuber notes that there are people out there who are willing to pay well over the sticker price to get into a Cybertruck today. He even says that someone has been posting signs at a Supercharger stating that they are willing to buy a Cybertruck for $125,000 or 25% over MSRP.

If you wanted to sell your Tesla Cybertruck, then what is the minimum you'd take for it? Or, rather, what do you think a buyer would be willing to pay for it in these early days when a Cybertruck is both hard to get and extremely rare?

Some Cybertruck Pricing And Specs

The Cybertruck will start at $60,990. That's for the base rear-wheel-drive version, which Tesla says is due out in 2025. The all-wheel-drive version is due out sometime in 2024 and that will start at $79,990. The Cyberbeast (non-Foundation Series) model, which is the one featured in this video, starts at $99,990. The Foundation Series Cyberbeast is $119,990.

Some additional Cyberbeast info is listed below.

  • 320 miles of range 
  • 0-60 MPH in 2.6 seconds
  • 130 MPH top speed
  • 845 horsepower
  • 11,000 pounds max towing
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