Surprise, surprise, the built-in-Texas Tesla Cybertruck is turning out to be one of the most American-made new vehicles on the road today.

A first glance at the Cybertruck's Monroney sticker reveals just how much of the truck is sourced not only from the U.S. but also from its free trade partners in Canada and Mexico. In fact, the percentage of materials sourced in North America appears to make it one of the (if not the) trucks with the most parts sourced directly from North America.

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If so, the Tesla Cybertruck is a close second to the Honda Ridgeline in regards to being the most American-made pickup truck on sale today.

Tesla Cybertruck Made in America

Where things get a bit muddy is that the Cybertruck is being incorrectly attributed as the "most" American-made truck. While it might be the most North American-made truck (that includes parts and assembly in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico), the crown for most American-made pickup truck appears to go to the Honda Ridgeline.

As part of the American Automobile Labeling Act, automakers must identify any country which provides 15% or more of the equipment and specify how large of a percentage that country contributes. This information is displayed on the Monroney sticker and is also made available on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's website.

  Components Sourced From U.S./Canada Components Sourced From Mexico Total Sourced in North America (less labor)
2024 Honda Ridgeline 70% Unlisted Unlisted
2024 Tesla Cybertruck 65% 25% 90%

The 2024 AALA data on NHTSA's site shows that the Honda Ridgeline has 70% of its contents produced in the U.S. and Canada, up from 65% in 2023. The Cybertruck, according to a Monroney label shown in a YouTube video uploaded by Utechpia's, has 65% of its content sourced from the U.S. and Canada, and 25% from Mexico.

Now, it's worth noting that we're just going by the data shown on the Monroney featured in the video. NHTSA's 2024 AALA data was last updated on December 5th, 2023, and does not contain information about any Tesla vehicle for the 2024 Model Year. The 2023 Model Year chart was last updated in June of 2023 and does not have the Cybertruck listed. It's also worth noting that if the Cybertruck's gross weight is over 8,500 pounds, it does not need to comply with AALA requirements.

The Honda Ridgeline previously took ninth place overall on's 2023 American-Made Index and placed first in the trucks category. And, yes, that means ahead of the Detroit three and even the Ford F-150 Lightning.

The 2024 iteration of the report isn't out just yet—you'll likely have to wait until June for the updated list—but given that Tesla has historically ranked its four vehicles in the top four spots of the list (The Model Y, 3, X, and S, respectively), we're willing to bet that the Cybertruck will be right up there as well, especially given the data spilled by the Monroney label.

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