Electric bicycles have evolved from simple bicycles with an electric motor strapped onto the back wheel into machines entirely their own. In the urban setting, cargo e-bikes transform the way people move, proving that you don’t need a big car to go about your daily commute. Indeed, if you wanted a cargo bike, you'd have to choose from a wide selection of two, three, and even four-wheeled machines, all of which emphasize practical urban mobility.

But what if you could only have one bike? Perhaps you live in a compact apartment, or want to lead a minimalist lifestyle. Well, the Muli Motor ST Pro might just be the right bike for you. The German bike company specializes specifically on cargo bikes – both electric and otherwise – and the Motor ST Pro represents the very best Muli Cycles has to offer when it comes to versatility.

Muli Cycles’ New Motor ST Pro Cargo E-Bike Promises Urban Versatility

For starters, the Muli Motor ST Pro breaks the mold when it comes to cargo e-bikes. It’s capable of carrying a respectable 195-kilogram (429-pound) load, while at the same time boasting a folding frame that lets you load it in the back of a van, or even carry it along with you on the subway or bus. To top it all off, the bike is fitted with some impressive componentry that not only ensures a reliable ride, but injects a touch of excitement into your daily commute.

From a technology perspective, the Muli Motor ST Pro makes use of a tried and tested e-bike system designed for cargo bikes: the Shimano EP6 Cargo. Rated for 85 Nm (about 63 pound-feet) of torque, the EP6 is more than capable of hauling you, your kid, and your groceries. With 250 watts of nominal output, it conforms to European e-bike legislations, and can be ridden on all bike paths. Even better, the Muli Motor ST Pro ditches the chain drive and makes use of a Gates Carbon belt drive for a silent and maintenance-free experience.

Muli Cycles’ New Motor ST Pro Cargo E-Bike Promises Urban Versatility
Muli Cycles’ New Motor ST Pro Cargo E-Bike Promises Urban Versatility

Not willing to trade off pedaling efficiency, the Motor ST Pro makes use of a Shimano Nexus five-speed rear hub complete with Di2 automatic mode. As such, the rider can simply pedal away without having to worry about changing gears. While we’re on the topic of efficiency, the bike is powered by a 630-watt-hour battery pack for increased range in between charges. Putting a stop to the versatile e-bike is a pair of four-piston hydraulic brakes which clamp down on large 180-millimeter rotors.

When it comes to pricing and availability, the Muli Motor ST Pro is offered in Europe with a starting price of 6,340 euros, or about $6,988 USD. For that tidy sum you get a number of add-ons such as a premium Busch & Müller lighting kit, mudguards, a double-stand, and a rear wheel lock. If you want to throw in the handy rear luggage rack, you’ll have to fork out an extra 130 euros (about $143 USD). Other accessories such as child seats, a rain cover, and even a dog cushion are also available for you to configure your cargo bike any way you please.

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