It seems that electric bicycle manufacturers are trying to stuff their products with as much technology as humanly possible. E-bikes are now so much more than just urban mobility solutions of recreational vehicles, and blur the line between vehicle and IOT device. Perhaps the bike that embodies this the most is the Urtopia Fusion, a machine that integrates artificial intelligence into its user-focused design.

ChatGPT is by far the most popular AI today. Everyone knows what it is, and a lot of people use it on a daily basis for either work, school, or just for fun. As it would turn out, ChatGPT has quite an integral role in the design of the Urtopia Fusion. Presumably, you’ll be able to talk to your e-bike and give it commands and ask it about random stuff – perhaps about a place you plan on riding to. On top of that, the Urtopia Fusion integrates other high-tech doodads such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 4G enabled GPS. There’s even a fancy fingerprint sensor for switching the e-bike on.

New Urtopia Fusion Is First E-Bike Ever To Have Built-In ChatGPT

The Urtopia Fusion will also feature some familiar connectivity features such as Google Maps integration, Apple Health, and even Strava. It’s powered by a rather familiar powertrain, a Bafang M510 mid-drive motor with a torque rating of 90 newton-meters. The motor is capped at a nominal 250 watts in compliance with European e-bike legislation, but it certainly has enough oomph to flatten even the steepest hills. As for the battery, it’s rocking a 353-watt-hour unit with a targeted 180 kilometers (113 miles) of range on a single charge.

Urtopia throws in some fancy brakes consisting of Magura MT4 eSTOP hydraulic units. The Fusion rolls on 28-inch wheels shod in Schwalbe Big Apple balloon-type tires for a cushy ride. As for the frame, it gets its minimalist, futuristic looks from Hartmut Esslinger, the designer of Apple’s Snow White design in the late 1980s.

With all those juicy specs unveiled, those eager to see the functionalities of the Urtopia Fusion will have to wait until CES 2024 to see it in the metal. It’s scheduled for January 10 to 13, 2024, and will be held in Las Vegas. Be sure to stay tuned for our coverage of the event, as there will surely be tons of future-focused e-mobility tech on display.


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