As electric bicycles become more and more popular, so too do the number of thefts involving e-bikes. Naturally, e-bikes aren’t cheap, with some high-end models going well beyond the $10,000 mark. On top of this, their lightweight and compact nature means they’re a quick and easy knick for thieves. As for what happens to these e-mobility devices after they’re stolen, well, their batteries are easily flipped or used for their materials in the black market.

To address this, e-bike manufacturers are investing in technology that would help deter would-be thieves from carrying out their illicit actions. We’re seeing it from durable bike locks with loud alarms to fancy tracking devices with subscriptions. Corratec, a German bike brand specializing in both electric and non-electric bikes, is taking an interesting approach when it comes to e-bike security with its new C-Finder that’s set to come standard in its 2024 e-bike model range.

2024 Corratec E-Bikes To Come Standard With C-Finder Tracking Tech

To develop the C-Finder, Corratec teamed up with Kathrein Solutions, another German brand, but this time specializing in electronics and antenna systems. Together, they worked on creating the C-Finder, where “C” stands for Corratec. This compact module hidden seamlessly within the frame of the e-bike allows the bike’s owner to quickly and easily locate the bike at any given time. In order to achieve a reliable and secure service, the C-Finder doesn’t rely on a proprietary network, but instead makes use of one of the most ubiquitous networks on earth: Apple’s Find My tech.

So yes, in essence, the C-Finder is like an iPhone or AirTag that you can add to your personal Find My Network. This means that there’s no need for you to download any additional software or an app on your phone to use the C-Finder. You do, however, need to be using an iPhone, so if you’re still on team Android, but are adamant on adding a 2024 Corratec e-bike to your collection, well, I heard the new iPhone 15 Pro Max is quite a nifty bit of kit.

According to Corratec, going for a tech solution like the C-Finder is efficient and cost-effective, especially when it comes to adding an extra layer of security to its premium e-bikes. “It was strategically important for the bike manufacturer IKO that Apple was able to offer the end customer free localization of the e-bike within the global Apple Find My Network,” Corratec said in its press release. Furthermore, the C-Finder can last a year without charging, but also gets an energy supply when the e-bike is charging.

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