Compact, durable, and versatile – three adjectives that, when used to describe an electric cargo bike, make for quite a capable machine. Indeed, there are tons of e-bikes on the market now all claiming to deliver these three things, and the Quercus from California-based e-bike brand Rattan is the newest to stake a claim in the rapidly growing e-bike scene.

The Rattan Quercus is marketed as an eco-friendly commuting solution that’s adaptable and configurable in a variety of ways. For starters, it’s perfect for shoppers and errand-runners who make frequent stops and carry quite a bit of stuff. By a “bit of stuff,” I mean up to 450 pounds including the rider. Indeed, the Quercus backs this up with a step-through aluminum frame, and a robust rear luggage rack that’s integrated into the frame for maximum durability. There’s even an optional front basket for folks looking to go the extra mile.

Rattan’s New Quercus E-Bike Gets Two Batteries And Can Haul 450 Pounds

Speaking about distance, the Quercus can go pretty far thanks to a massive 960-watt-hour downtube-mounted battery pack, as well as an optional range extender that offers a combined range in excess of 100 miles on a single charge. As for technology, the bike gets a rear hub motor with a nominal output of 750 watts and a peak output of 1,200 watts. Pair this with its 80 Nm torque rating, and you’ve got a bike that can climb some serious hills. It gets an assisted top speed of 30 miles per hour powered by a torque sensor, as well as a thumb throttle for extra convenience.

Performance aside, the Rattan Quercus gets an eight-speed Shimano drivetrain that allows you to pedal seamlessly alongside the motor. The bike rolls on sturdy 20-inch magnesium, alloy wheels with four-inch-wide Kenda fat tires for all-terrain performance. To monitor the bike’s vital stats, it gets a full-color LCD cluster, as well as a handy USB charging port for powering up your gadgets

In terms of what the bike brings to the table, Rattan’s Quercus rivals bikes from the likes of Rad Power and Juiced Bikes. This is also evident in its attractive pricing. Starting at $1,849 USD, the Quercus offers some serious bike for the money. Meanwhile, those looking to cover extended distances can opt for the dual-battery option, which is understandably more expensive at $2,499 USD. Learn more about this bike and Rattan’s other e-bikes by checking out their official website.

Gallery: Rattan’s New Quercus E-Bike Gets Two Batteries And Can Haul 450 Pounds

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