A Tesla Cybertruck with a parking ticket under its massive wiper blade was towed away to an impound lot. The "release candidate" was parked (likely illegally) in San Francisco and a member of the @TeslaOwnerEBay group on X spotted it being hooked up to a tow truck and presumably headed to an impound lot.

A Tesla East Bay Fremont club member later posted some video footage of the Cybertruck being towed away with a dolly under the front wheels. The rather small dolly seems a bit stressed by the weight of the Cybertruck. The exact weight is unknown, but some possible leaked specs indicate that the Dual-Motor version reportedly has a curb weight of 6,670 pounds, while the Tri-Motor variant is slightly heavier at 6,890 pounds.


There's another video of the truck being towed away below. Though there's no additional context, we'd like to believe that the Tesla tech who drove this particular Cybertruck and got it ticketed probably wasn't in the best of moods when he/she returned to find the vehicle gone. Furthermore, we're rather surprised by this rare prototype seemingly being unoccupied. Perhaps the occupant was there or nearby, but then why would the truck have been towed away?


One last thing we'd like to add is that hopefully, the Tesla employee responsible for this "whoops" moment doesn't take too much heat from the higher-ups. We all make mistakes from time to time. If someone happens to know the Tesla employee responsible for this mishap, please do buy him/her a beer.

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