Do you remember your first bike? I sure do, it was a rickety old mountain bike that was way too big for any six-year-old to start out on. However, despite it being way too big for me, I remember riding around the neighborhood with relative ease until I was big enough to ride a grown-up bike. That said, kids these days have it easy as bike makers design two-wheelers that are specifically made for kids to build their skills on.

A good example of this is the new C1 from Himiway, a California-based e-bike manufacturer that’s been building a strong presence in recent years. The C1 isn’t an electric bicycle, but rather, more like a tiny electric dirtbike for youngsters. It doesn’t get any pedals, but rather footpegs like that of a motorbike. That means its sole means of propulsion is via the hand throttle on the handlebars. Himiway says the C1 is designed for kids aged four to 12, however, I’d strongly suggest taking extra caution if your kid is on the younger side of this spectrum, as this little two-wheeler is packing quite a punch.

Check Out Himiway’s New C1 Electric Bike Made For Kids

The Himiway C1 is equipped with a rear hub motor with a nominal output of 350 watts (more powerful than some full-sized e-bikes for grown-ups). It gets an exhilarating top speed of 15 miles per hour, and chances are, for many kids who get their hands on this thing, it’ll be the fastest vehicle they’ve driven so far. Having said that, Himiway has safety and security in mind, as the bike is equipped with both hydraulic and electronic brakes on the rear wheel, ensuring the youngsters can scrub off speed at a moment’s notice.

Check Out Himiway’s New C1 Electric Bike Made For Kids

As for battery tech, the C1 is equipped with a 360-watt-hour battery pack housed in the frame right beneath the saddle. The battery pack promises up to 50 miles of off-road fun on a single charge, so chances are your youngster will be tuckered out long before the C1 runs out of juice. The little electric bike rolls on 16x3-inch off-road rubber, but doesn’t get any suspension. This means that kids will have to learn how to stand on the pegs and make use of proper body positioning to absorb bumps and impacts.

When it comes to pricing and availability, the Himiway C1 is now available for order via the brand’s official website. For $800 USD, you could get this little two-wheeler as a present for your kid just in time for the holidays.

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