After months of seeing various Tesla Cybertruck images and videos in the original stainless steel color or wrapped in some fancy camouflage or design theme – even disguised as a Ford F-150 for fun – it's time for something really interesting. Or at least, timeless and classic, like all-black.

UPDATE: We have added an additional video of the black Tesla Cybertruck spotted in Malibu being driven by Tesla's Chief Designer.

Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla's Chief Designer, has been spotted driving a black-wrapped Cybertruck in Santa Monica. According to Adam C (aka @AtomAntEater) on X, the vehicle was seen at today’s Santa Monica Teslas & Coffee.


Because von Holzhausen was in it, this sighting might not only indicate his preference for the matte black color but also potentially herald an upcoming factory option of wrapping the Cybertruck. 

Tesla has recently launched a premium color wrap for the Model 3 and Model Y, priced at $7,500-$8,000, so a similar option for the Cybertruck would not be surprising – especially because the Cybertruck's stainless steel can't be easily painted.

I'm guessing that not everyone likes the stainless steel color or the fact that they would all have the same color as everybody else who owns a Cybertruck. Adding a factory wrap option would create a new degree of personalization for these trucks that we didn't anticipate.


If the wraps are really coming, the question is when? Some say that the option will appear within several months after the launch, scheduled for November 30.

But as with everything else Cybertruck-related, there are more questions – particularly about color choice and pricing here. Wrapping a large vehicle like the Cybertruck will probably require a higher bill than the Model 3/Model Y – so $10,000+, I guess. On the other hand, will the lines of the Cybertruck might make it easier or harder to wrap?

Here are some additional black Tesla Cybertruck videos, shared by Greggertruck on X. What do you think of the Cybertruck in matte black, and what color would you want? 

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