Ford is expanding its BlueOval Charge Network in North America by 25 percent, bringing the network's total to more than 106,000 chargers.

Ford has added three new charging providers to the BlueOval Charge Network across the United States and Canada: Francis Energy, Blink, and Red E. As with existing providers, the new ones benefit from embedded charger routing and simple payment options via FordPass. 

The three new providers bring more than 10,000 new chargers to the network, including more than 550 new DC fast chargers. Blink, Francis Energy, and Red E join existing BlueOval Charge Network providers including Shell Recharge Solutions, Electrify America, EVgo, ChargePoint, FLO, EV Connect, and Electric Circuit.

Ford also plans for significant additional DC fast charger growth starting in early 2024, including at dealerships, with an estimated 11,800+ fast-charging stations to be part of the BlueOval Charge Network.

Ford F-150 Lightning charging at Electrify America

Ford F-150 Lightning charging at Electrify America

Interestingly, Ford also said it would add over 15,000 Tesla Superchargers to its network, up from its earlier projection of 12,000 chargers. That's 3,000 more than the initial count from May 2023, when Ford became the first major carmaker to announce a deal with Tesla to grant its EV owners access to the Supercharger network starting next spring.

At the time, Ford also said its second-generation EVs would come equipped with NACS ports needed to access Tesla's network of fast chargers from 2025. Until Ford EVs get NACS connectors from the factory, owners of current electric vehicles from the Blue Oval will be able to use an adapter, which will become available on Ford's accessories website early next year.

"Continuous growth of the BlueOval Charge Network, including a critical focus on reliable fast charging, remains a top priority to provide the best possible electric driving experience for our customers," said Bill Crider, Ford senior director of global charging and energy services.

"With the addition of the Tesla Supercharger Network along with new fast chargers coming to Ford Model e dealerships in 2024, we are working hard to make range anxiety a thing of the past for Ford all-electric drivers." 

Ford says the BlueOval Charge Network is North America's largest public charging network by an automaker, although technically it is a "network of networks" and not a one-brand network as Tesla's Superchargers.

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