In the cycling world – be it electric or otherwise – few brands hold the recognition and trust that Trek does. Indeed, I’m personally a big fan of the brand, and I’ve owned quite a number of Trek bikes over the years. One of the things I like about Trek is that it supports the cycling community, not just with its wide selection of models, but also by offering promotions and programs that make it easier to get into cycling.

Its latest program is called the Red Barn Refresh pays tribute to the brand’s humble beginnings which were said to have happened in a red barn. The program's idea is actually very simple. Trade in your old Trek bike for shop credit that could help you upgrade into a shiny new Trek machine. In case you missed it, there have been quite a few exciting e-bike releases from the brand, including the potent Fuel EXe 9.5 e-MTB, or the razor-sharp Domane+ SLR.

New Trek Domane+ SLR E-Bike Is A Weight Weenie’s Dream Come True

That being said, Trek’s Red Barn Refresh isn’t a one-sided affair. Once you’ve traded in your old Trek bike, it’ll be sent back to the company’s headquarters in Waterloo, Wisconsin, where it will be professionally refurbished by a Trek technician. We don’t know what this means specifically, but it surely means that used bikes will be restored according to Trek’s standards, and be sold at an affordable price to folks looking to get into cycling.

On Trek’s official website, the company says that the used bikes in the Red Barn Refresh program ride as if they were brand new. “When you buy from Red Barn Refresh, you can ride easy knowing you’re getting a used bike that’s been expertly revitalized to meet exacting standards, certified by a professional Trek technician. Plus, when you choose used, you’re not only getting a more affordable bike — you’re also helping to reduce consumption and extend the life of bikes with plenty of miles left in ‘em, which is better for our people and planet.”

Good Deals To He Had On Used E-Bikes Through Trek’s Red Barn Refresh

More specifically, Trek says that bikes traded in via the Red Barn Refresh will go through a 151-point inspection process, and all the parts that need repair will either be fixed or repaired. I don’t know about you, but 151 points seems pretty comprehensive – does a bike even have more than 151 parts? Bikes that are refurbished will then be certified and resold online via Trek’s website.

Now, it’s worth noting that the Red Barn Refresh explicitly states that electric bikes are included in the program. In fact, you can even browse certified used electric bicycles on Trek’s website. That said, if you’re looking to get a good deal on a new e-bike from a brand as trusted as Trek, you may want to check out the certified used e-bikes listed on their site. Who knows, you might just find yourself an irresistible deal?

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