Performance-oriented electric bikes are getting lighter and more tech-loaded than ever before. More and more mainstream manufacturers are pouring in millions of dollars in research and development, acknowledging the fact that e-bikes are indeed the future of mobility. In the world of for-sport electric bikes, the story is pretty much the same, but with a focus on lightness, efficiency, and natural feel. Trek’s newest road e-bike is a testament to this.

The Trek Domane+ SLR, the company's lightest electric bike to date, is a sneaky e-bike made to blend in among conventional cycles without standing out. Indeed, the Trek Domane+ SLR can easily be mistaken as a standard, non-electric bike thanks to its sleek styling. Tipping the scales at just 11.75 kilograms, it'll surely ride as naturally as a non-electric bike, too. The new model is part of the business's expanding lineup of incredibly light electric bikes, which also includes models like the Trek e-Caliber eMTB.

The ultra-lightweight carbon frame, streamlined electric motor, and compact battery pack, among other weight-saving attributes, all contributed to the Domane+ SLR's reduced weight construction. For instance, the Domane+ SLR is the first electric bike from Trek to utilize the finest 800 series carbon frame available. More precisely, the frame is claimed to have reduced the mass of the bike by six percent, or 700 grams, when compared to the frame used on Trek's previous Domane+ e-bike.

The weight-weenie shenanigans don’t end there, though. The bike is powered by the TQ-HPR50 e-bike drive system, a lesser-known yet lightweight and advanced e-bike powertrain. It produces 50 Nm of torque, which is considerably less than what you’d expect from utility-focused e-bikes, but keep in mind that for for-sport electric bikes like the Domane+, lightness and natural pedal feel are what matter most. Having said that, the motor can reach speeds of up to 28 miles per hour in the U.S. market. On the other hand, due to stricter e-bike laws in Europe, the bike will still only be capable of traveling at a top speed of 15.5 miles per hour.

New Trek Domane+ SLR E-Bike Is A Weight Weenie’s Dream Come True

The bike will include a 360-Wh battery, which the manufacturer claims should be enough for 62 miles of riding. It's probably worth noting that range could be achievable in the lowest power mode, but cyclists that utilize the bike's 300W continuous output probably won't make it as far. With three power modes on tap—easily selectable from switches mounted on the hoods—riders can easily optimize the bike's performance to favor range or assiste anytime they please.

New Trek Domane+ SLR E-Bike Is A Weight Weenie’s Dream Come True

Additionally, Trek sells a 160 Wh range extender that increases the bike's battery capacity by about 50-percent. You'll have to give up your water bottle to carry it around, though, and shell out an additional $599 USD for this extra battery. In terms of the bike's overall value, the Trek Domane+ SLR starts at $8,999 USD for the base model equipped with a Shimano drivetrain. Those of you looking for top-tier performance, however, will have to shell out $12,999, for the model equipped with the fancy SRAM Red eTap groupset.

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