Today’s e-bikes come in all shapes and sizes thanks to manufacturers creating products to cater to the various needs of commuters. While capable and utilitarian electric cargo bikes are awesome alternatives for driving your car on a daily basis, lightweight commuters continue to comprise the majority of electric bicycles on the road.

With that being said, German bike specialist Möve presents its newest premium model, the Voyager V10. Headquartered in Thuringia, Germany, Möve has a storied history in the world of cycling, with its roots dating back to 1897. The brand entered the e-bike scene pretty early, too, releasing its first model back in 2014. Now, fast forward a decade later, and the brand is focusing on the daily commuter with its new Voyager V10.

German Bike Brand Move Presents New Voyager V10 Commuter E-Bike

From a performance standpoint, the Voyager V10 is powered by a rear hub motor from Neodrives. The Z20 E generates a torque output of 40 Newton-meters and a peak power of 600 watts, making fast-paced commutes through the city a walk in the park. To make things better for cyclists who demand a lot from their bikes, the Z20 E is said to be silent and maintenance-free, so it’s pretty much just a case of hopping on and going for a ride.

Battery tech-wise, we’re looking at a range of about 90 miles on a single charge, but of course, that would depend on external factors such as elevation gain, riding habits, and many more. The battery can be fully charged in about two hours, and can be charged both on or off the bike. Adding to potential range is the fact that the bike has two regeneration modes, allowing for momentarily battery charging when riding downhill.

German Bike Brand Move Presents New Voyager V10 Commuter E-Bike
German Bike Brand Move Presents New Voyager V10 Commuter E-Bike

The Möve Voyager V10 is equipped with a mechanical Pinion C1.122, an internal gearing system that’s renowned for its smoothness and ability to shift automatically even under load. The smart system independently adapts the gear ratio depending on your cadence, ensuring the perfect balance between pedal power and electric assistance. The rider’s pedaling efforts are sent to the rear wheel through a Gates Carbon Drive belt, which just like the motor, is silent and maintenance-free.

Up front, the Möve Voyager V10 is fitted with a RockShox Paragon Gold suspension fork to take the edge off uneven road surfaces. It comes to a stop with Shimano Cues U8000 hydraulic disc brakes, ensuring confidence when slowing down. Last but not least, you get front and rear lights consisting of a Supernova M99 Pro headlight and a matching Supernova taillight. Möve offers the bike in both step-over and step-through configurations for the rather premium price pont of 6,390 Euros, or approximately $6,706 USD.

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