Fisker has started shipping the Ocean, its first production EV, to customers in Europe and the United States this summer, but the electric vehicle startup already has a more affordable product in the pipeline, the Pear.

The name has not much to do with the fruit; it's actually an acronym for Personal Electric Automotive Revolution, and while it would be easy to dismiss it as too pretentious, the car itself has a lot going for it besides the promised $29,900 price tag.

At least that's the vibe we are getting from Electrifying's first look video that analyzes the Fisker Pear electric compact crossover in detail.

Looking at the vehicle's exterior and interior, it's pretty clear that the design brings a breath of fresh air in an industry that churns out vehicles that look increasingly alike year after year.

Fisker labels the Pear a crossover, but you could easily describe it as a hatchback or even a wagon without being too wrong. The body shape appears to defy convention, and this attitude appears to be the template for the rest of the vehicle as well.

Unfortunately, two of the vehicle's most innovative features – the so-called Houdini trunk that opens by sliding down the glass and the trunk lid behind the rear bumper beam and the drawer-like, insulated front boot – are not demonstrated in the video.

Gallery: Fisker Pear Production-Intent Vehicle

According to presenter Ginny Buckley, that's because the Pear show car in the video is not a production car. Still, Henrik Fisker demonstrated the Houdini trunk at an August 3 event, albeit at low speed; he did note that the trunk will move at high speed up and down in the production version.

Moving on to the interior, the Fisker Pear continues to surprise with features such as the optional two-seat front bench that effectively turns the vehicle into a six seater; the front bench can also fold down together with the rear seats, creating a completely flat surface from the trunk to the passenger-side dashboard.

Other features worth a mention are the solar panoramic roof and 17.1-inch rotating infotainment screen. The Fisker Pear's cabin also appears quite spacious for a vehicle that's 179.1 inches long, offering good headroom, knee room and legroom, including on the second row.

Mind you, the reviewer does note that the interior feels basic, perhaps too basic in some areas, but let's not forget that this is just a concept car. The production version will hopefully arrive in 2025, according to Fisker's latest updates.

The company plans to have the Pear made in the United States at Foxconn's Ohio factory, and if the intention materializes – Henrik Fisker said in August the deal wasn't finalized yet – it means the EV startup's entry-level model will also qualify for up to $7,500 in federal tax credits.

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