For a lot of people, Yamaha can be considered a household brand. Musicians and audiophiles will certainly have a few Yamaha musical instruments and sound equipment in their homes or studios, while most motorcyclists will have had at least one form of experience or another with the Japanese brand. That being said, Yamaha’s expertise extends beyond just pianos and motorcycles, as it’s also one of the pioneers in the e-bike industry.

In 2023, Yamaha is celebrating its 30th anniversary in the e-bike segment, and with that, is launching its all-new e-commerce platform in the US. The e-commerce platform (linked below) allows the brand to connect to end users on a whole new level, and leverages the brand’s extensive dealer network in the US. Through the new platform, interested individuals can browse Yamaha’s wide selection of electric bicycles, purchase their model of choice, and head over to their nearest Yamaha Bicycle dealer to pick up their brand-new two-wheeler.

Yamaha Announces New E-Commerce Platform For Electric Bicycles

In the company’s official press release, Drew Engelmann, National Sales and Marketing Manager at Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles said, “While many companies may offer an e-commerce sales platform, they often neglect the crucial role provided by their dealers. At Yamaha, we believe in the power of partnership and collaboration with our dealers, and we recognize the vital role our dealers play in the customer experience.”

Yamaha has certainly come a long way since launching its first pedal-assist bicycle back in 1993. According to Yamaha, the brand has sold more than 5.5 million electric bicycles across the globe, making it one of the biggest e-bike manufacturers in the entire world. Today, Yamaha continues to prove itself as an innovator in the e-bike sector, boasting an impressive selection of e-bikes catering to all types of riders.

Yamaha Announces New E-Commerce Platform For Electric Bicycles

In the company’s official press statement, Marcos Acosta, the brand’s General Manager of Digital Transformation, explained the importance the digital landscape plays in elevating the customer’s experience. “We are very proud to provide a truly exceptional pathway to explore, select, and bring home our customers’ perfect ride with the roll-out of this new e-commerce option. We’ve harnessed the power of digital transformation to elevate our customers’ experience and connection with our Yamaha brand.”

Yamaha’s electric bicycles have been available in the US market since 2017, and have proven to be excellent choices for cyclists who ride for commuting, leisure, and sport. Yamaha boasts an industry-leading three-year warranty on the bikes’ frame, motor, and battery, as well as OEM warranties on bicycle components from some of the industry’s top brands.

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