Apart from making some of the most reliable and technologically advanced motorcycles in the world, Yamaha has been making a killing in the e-bike sector as well. Not too long ago, it released a range of e-bikes – both commuters and performance-oriented models – to suit a wide selection of applications. This time around, the Japanese manufacturer is bumping up its e-bike technology.

Yamaha already has an impressive e-bike system in the form of the PW-X3. However, hot on the heels of some impressive new developments from other players in the e-bike space, Yamaha has taken it upon itself to launch the new PW-XM. According to the brand, the PW-XM is the perfect combination between lightweight construction and high torque and power output. The quest for shedding weight on e-bike systems is nothing new. In fact, this is what Bosch's newest Performance Line SX is all about, and it's also at the very core of Fazua's compact Ride 60 e-bike system. 

Yamaha's New PW-XM E-Bike Motor Is A Weight Weenie's Dream Come True

In the case of the Yamaha PW-XM, the brand put its decades of motorcycle expertise into good use here. With a clever blend magnesium alloy, the system weighs in at just 2.6 kilograms – 150 grams lighter than the PW-X3. On the performance side of the equation, meanwhile, we're looking at a nominal output of 250 watts – identical to that of the PW-X3. It also peaks out at 85 Newton meters, and offers five pedal assist levels. There's even a handy walk-assist mode, and even an automatic mode that selects the appropriate assist level depending on riding conditions. 

Yamaha's PW-XM motor is designed and assembled in Morimachi, Japan, and is intended for use on high-end electric mountain bikes – just as Bosch's Performance Line CX and SX systems are. That being said, pricing for Yamaha's new motor has yet to be disclosed, but Yamaha does claim that it's a plug-and-play installation on e-bikes that are already running the PW-X3, so die-hard weight-weenies could opt to upgrade their e-bike with this system. Apart from being compatible with existing frames, the PW-XM is also compatible with existing Yamaha components, including screens, controllers, and batteries. 

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