For people who are into electric vehicles and especially Tesla, the Cybertruck is the probably the most anticipated EV ever, and the abundance of news about the eccentric electric truck proves that.

But while it's tempting to generalize and think everyone is excited about the imminent launch of the Tesla Cybertruck, the truth is many people wouldn't even know what it was if they saw the Cybertruck in real life.

It actually happened to the California Highway Patrol Buttonwillow, whose officers saw not one but several Tesla Cybertrucks being transported by a few car haulers – three vehicles on each transporter – on Interstate 5 yesterday.

CHP Buttonwillow posted on Facebook several photos of the uncamouflaged Tesla Cybertrucks, which were being hauled northbound on Interstate 5, and they seemed to be puzzled as to what trucks they were seeing.

"While on patrol this morning……..One of our units spotted a few car haulers loaded with some strange trucks traveling northbound on Interstate 5. I wonder what they are? Where are they going?" CHP Buttonwillow posted on its Facebook page (via Teslarati).


At first, we thought the police officers were trolling their Facebook followers, but it seems they were genuinely unaware of the strange-looking trucks' make and model, especially since they featured no visible badging.

However, responses to CHP Buttonwillow's post showed that many Facebook users are familiar with the Tesla Cybertruck. That being said, some users expressed their surprise at the fact the Cybertruck was not canceled and it is actually going into production.

Now try to imagine the surprise of average Joes and Janes when initial deliveries of the Tesla Cybertruck will begin later this year and the electric truck will become a common sight on US roads. It will probably be a moment to remember, and it will remind people of Tesla CEO Elon Musk's February remarks that the Cybertruck would effectively "change the look of the roads."

Judging by CHP Buttonwillow's comments that the car haulers were heading north in Interstate 5, the most likely destination for the Tesla Cybertrucks is Fremont, where Tesla's first vehicle assembly plant is located. The company's engineering headquarters are also in the area in nearby Palo Alto.

As a reminder, Tesla announced in mid-July that the first Cybertruck had been built at Giga Texas. Earlier in the year, Elon Musk said the Austin site would host a handover event toward "the end of the third quarter," which likely means late September.

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