Underneath BMW Group's umbrella, Mini acts as the firm's creative channel, producing some of the most daring and individual vehicles. From the outside to the inside, there is nothing quite like a Mini on the road. Especially in the interior, Mini products have their own signature by injecting the spirit of the original 1959 model into modern entries.

For its upcoming electric products, Mini wants to develop a new type of charm. While the current-generation Mini Cooper SE is a fun electric hot hatch, it doesn't feature the lively vibrancy that an internal combustion Mini does. It's engaging to drive, but it's missing out on the sounds present in the gas-powered Coopers. Mini wants to change that in its upcoming lineup.

For the brand's upcoming EV lineup, four different "Experience Modes" will be available to change via toggle switch. Mini will call the modes "Core," "Balance," "Go Kart," and "Timeless."

Mini's default mode will be Core, offering sounds both inside and outside the cabin. Supplementing the pedestrian warning system, the sound effects emitted from this mode will sound energetic and inviting, according to Mini. The company's creative director, Renzo Vitale, said, "It reminds us of the sun radiating warmth."

Balance was curated for the Mini Vision Urbanaut. Mini says this Experience Mode enhances relaxation on the road by offering nature sounds. The noises include streams, crickets, and even trees in windy conditions.

Mini's Go Kart soundscape introduces higher-pitched noises to the cabin, creating a more sporty driving feel.

The last acoustic environment included in the lineup is called Timeless. This sound package will effectively digitize an amalgamation of various previous Mini Cooper vehicles. Mini says that the note will start off sounding like an internal combustion engine car, but as you accelerate, it will "morph" into an EV sound.

These sound experiences will be available in the electric 2025 Mini Cooper Hardtop, Countryman, and Aceman. We expect these vehicles to debut later this year and hit dealerships by mid-2024.

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