One of the biggest stigmas around EVs remains how far they can go on a single charge. For years now “range anxiety” has prevented many from making the switch to electric. In recent times we have seen manufacturers such as Tesla launch EVs with real-world ranges in excess of 300 miles, and now firms like Lucid Motors and Mercedes are revealing electric cars that manage to go further on a single charge than their petrol or diesel-powered equivalents. However, the Mini SE does not fall into the same category as the aforementioned. It’s an affordable run-around with limited range - but just how limited is it?

InsideEVs forum member Mini SE Focus recently picked up his 2022 Cooper SE and has found out something rather interesting about its range meter. Unlike what is typically the case in an electric car, his range meter tends to underestimate how much range he has left. Hence he has come up with a smart way to calculate how much range you truly have, and he’s found a way to share this calculation with you all. If you own a Mini SE and want to figure out how far your car will really go, check out this iOS shortcut Mini SE Focus has created.

It’s clear to see from the video that in general Mini SE Focus is very happy with his car. Dubbing it a “pocket-rocket”, he also praises its high build-quality and firm steering feel.

With incentives factored in, the Mini Cooper SE is currently the cheapest new car to own in America over a five year period. Sounds pretty sweet right? Perhaps a bigger deal should be made of the Mini’s low cost – for many it would undoubtedly make an ideal second car.


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