E-bikes are getting more and more powerful these days, as well as more and more loaded with tech. From the integration of AI to powerful motors and batteries blurring the lines between e-bikes and e-motorcycles, there’s no doubt that the future is exciting when it comes to electric two-wheeled mobility.

Take, for example, the new Lynx electric moped from QuietKat. The Colorado-based e-bike brand has built quite a reputation for its rugged, adventurous e-bikes that oftentimes pack a lot of power. That said, in the US market, the QuietKat Lynx is considered an electric bicycle, as it makes use of mostly bicycle components you can buy off the shelf.

Power-wise, it’s far stronger than a lot of other e-bikes, as it’s packing 1,000 watts of juice out of its two-speed, hub-mounted motor. As for the battery, it’s clearly integrated into the bike’s downtube, but QuietKat has remained quiet about its specifics, at least until the bike is officially launched later in 2023.

New QuietKat Lynx Is A Rugged Moto-Inspired E-Bike

Perhaps the Lynx’s most defining feature is its styling. It employs cafe racer-inspired aesthetics with a dash of off-road ruggedness you’d come to expect from scramblers. Its moto-inspired design continues with its high fender, round headlight, and contoured tail section complete with a luggage rack. Off-road capability is also assured by long-travel suspension, a full-suspension frame, and 24 x4.5-inch fat tires.

Apart from its solid foundations, the QuietKat Lynx also impressed with its technology. The rugged e-bike flaunts LED lights, GPS tracking, and Bluetooth connectivity via a dedicated mobile application. Of course, these features are essential for techie enthusiasts looking to integrate the bike with their on-the-go lifestyle.

One thing worth noting when it comes to the Lynx is that, unlike other electric bicycles, the seat isn’t adjustable. That means you won’t be able to optimize the ergonomics to provide efficient pedaling depending on your height. Nevertheless, with 1,000 watts on tap, you can very easily treat the Lynx as a little electric motorbike. The fact that the moto-inspired saddle is made of durable synthetic leather is a plus, too, especially for vegan customers looking to hop aboard this rugged two-wheeler.

As for pricing, QuietKat has yet to announce official price and availability for the Lynx. Electrek states, however, that the price for this rugged two-wheeler is expected to be within the $4,000 USD ballpark.

New QuietKat Lynx Is A Rugged Moto-Inspired E-Bike
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