With e-bike tech advancing at an unprecedented pace, we’re seeing more and more for-sport e-bikes with an emphasis on real-world usability and versatility. A good example of this is the Volta, from Italian bike specialist Basso. Known for its handcrafted bikes, Basso’s newest creation hopes to hit multiple birds with one stone – from sporty road riding, adventurous gravel adventures, and urban excursions, this bike hopes to do it all.

Basso presents the Volta as a masterpiece of engineering, combining lightness and sturdiness, in an adaptable and versatile package capable of covering multiple terrains. Crafted from a featherlight carbon frame and fork, the Volta weighs in at a mere 15.2 kilograms. This lightweight construction is complemented by generous tire clearance, accommodating up to 45mm tires, making it ready to handle all sorts of terrain.

Italian Bike Specialist Basso Launches The 2023 Volta Electric Gravel Bike

As mentioned earlier, the Basso Volta seeks to provide some real-world practicality aside from being a sporty platform. For example, the frame is equipped with mounts for mudguards, luggage racks, and a dynamo hub capable of powering essential accessories such as your bike's lights or charging your devices on the go. For a more comfortable ride, Basso came up with an ingenious design for the Volta’s frame. Instead of featuring a standard seat post, the Volta features the brand’s 3B Clamp System, designed to minimize vibrations and provide a smoother and more enjoyable experience even on uneven and bumpy surfaces.

Diving right into the performance of this e-bike, the Volta is packing a powerful 500-watt-hour battery sleekly integrated into the downtube. This battery offers a claimed 200 kilometers (125 miles) of range on a single charge. The bike is also compatible with a 250-watt-hour range extender for those hoping to cover a few extra miles. Basso keeps the bike as Italian as possible with a Polini EP3+ motor, delivering an impressive 75 Newton-meters of torque, and 250 watts of assistance.

The Basso Volta keeps riders informed with an adaptive light color screen, displaying crucial ride data such as pedaling power, cadence, motor assistance levels, and remaining battery range. It does this with a sleek 2.5-inch TFT display mounted on the handlebar. Of course, complementing all this tech is a proprietary mobile app, allowing users to access even more customizable features.

Basso offers the Volta in two configurations, both of which rocking SRAM equipment. The more basic version comes in a 5,999 Euros, and is equipped with the SRAM Apex drivetrain with a 1x11 configuration. The top-tier model will set you back 6,599 Euros, and is equipped with the SRAM Rival 2x12 AXS drivetrain. More information on pricing and availability of the new Volta can be found in Basso’s official website linked below.

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