In June, the total sales of Ford and Lincoln vehicles in the United States increased by 16 percent year-over-year to 176,727. Also, the second quarter and first half of the year were positive, which is a sign of ongoing rebound.

Results last month, in Q2 and year-to-date:

  • Ford sales: 169,789 (up 16.8%), 511,538 (up 11.2%) and 968,510 (up 10.9%)
  • Lincoln sales: 6,938 (up 0.6%), 20,124 (down 15.2%) and 39,058 (down 8.9%)
  • Total sales: 176,727 (up 16.1%), 531,662 (up 9.9%) and 1,007,568 (up 10.0%)

The positive general sales results were accompanied by improvement of all-electric car sales in June, after three weaker months in the red (caused by an unfortunate production shutdown of the Ford F-150 Lightning (battery recall) and the upgrade of the Ford Mustang Mach-E's plant in Mexico).

In June, Ford battery electric vehicles (BEV) sales amounted to 5,900 units, which is 36 percent more than a year ago and about 3.5 percent of the brand's total volume.

The results were driven up by the Ford Mustang Mach-E, which sales doubled year-over-year to over 4,000 units last month. On the other hand, we noted a surprising decrease of Ford F-150 Lightning sales - by 22 percent year-over-year to 1,424 and fourth consecutive year-over-year decline of the Ford E-Transit sales. In other words, those are mixed results.

Andrew Frick, Ford vice president, sales distribution, and trucks said:

“Our EV sales continue to grow. Improved Mustang Mach-E inventory flow began to hit at the end of Q2 following the retooling of our plant earlier this year, which helped Mustang Mach-E sales climb 110 percent in June.”

Ford BEV sales in the US - June 2023

Because of the weaker April and May, the total BEV sales during the second quarter of 2023 are slightly lower than a year ago.

With 14,843 units, Ford is also slightly behind General Motors (15,652 and 117 percent increase year-over-year). It seems that we might see an interesting race of the two OEMs later this year.

BEV sales in Q2 2023:

  • Ford Mustang Mach-E: 8,633 (down 21%)
  • Ford F-150 Lightning: 4,466 (up 119%)
  • Ford E-Transit: 1,744 (down 24%)
  • Total: 14,843 (down 2.8%) and 2.9% share

So far this year, Ford sold over 25,000 all-electric vehicles in the US (12 percent more than a year ago at this point). That's about 2.7 percent of the brand's total volume.

BEV sales year-to-date in 2023:

  • Ford Mustang Mach-E: 14,040 (down 21%)
  • Ford F-150 Lightning: 8,757 (up 281%)
  • Ford E-Transit: 2,912 (down 3%)
  • Total: 25,709 (up 12%) and 2.7% share

For reference, in 2022, Ford more than doubled its BEV sales to 61,575 units and 3.5 percent of Ford's total volume (excluding the Lincoln brand).


Ford F-150 Lightning

Sales of the Ford F-150 Lightning amounted to 1,424 units in June (down 22% year-over-year), which is a bit surprising.

We thought that as the plant shutdown is a thing of the past and that the only way is up, to at least about 2,000 units a month and more in the later part of the year - potentially over 10,000 per month (assuming the anticipated rate of 150,000 units annually).

Ford noted it its press release that the electric version of the F-150 "continues to attract new customers to Ford with 50 percent new to the brand".

Ford Mustang Mach-E

In the case of the Ford Mustang Mach-E, sales finally are going up (after four consecutive negative months), reaching 4,110 in June (up 110 percent year-over-year). It will take some time to beat the previous year though (currently the YTD number is at 14,040, down 21 percent year-over-year).

With 16,400 units in "gross stock," (compared to over 13,000 previously), the model availability should be significantly higher now.

Ford Mustang Mach-E production

The production of the Ford Mustang Mach-E in Mexico is running at full swing right now - 13,000 units in June (after 13,639 in May and 11,858 in April).

More than 46,000 units were produced so far this year (up 36 percent year-over-year, despite the January-February pause).

The numbers exclude China, where the Mach-E is locally produced and sold (at a small scale).

For reference, in 2022, the production of the Ford Mustang Mach-E in Mexico amounted to 77,959. In November 2022, Ford celebrated the production of the 150,000th Mach-E.

The company intends to increase the production rate to 210,000 units annually (for global markets) by the end of 2023.

Ford E-Transit

Sales of the Ford E-Transit van in June amounted to 366 units (down 35 percent year-over-year). It was the fourth consecutive year-over-year decline.

So far this year, Ford sold 2,912 units (down 3 percent year-over-year), which makes us wonder why it's not growing?

Ford promises an increase in E-Transit production at the Kansas City Assembly Plant. The company also launched a new, long-range version of the van.

Other plug-ins

Unfortunately, Ford does not report sales of other plug-in models, like the Ford Escape PHEV. Lincoln's PHEV sales were not revealed either.

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