These days, MG has been producing some incredibly compelling products. The MG4 is a perfect example of one of these vehicles. It offers remarkable range, performance, and versatility all while undercutting many established automakers' prices.

But MG isn't the same MG it was back in the day. Today, MG is operated by SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation Motor Corp. Ltd.), the largest Chinese-state-run automotive venture in the nation. The auto giant is vital in producing many other manufacturers' vehicles in China through joint ventures.

SAIC operates with General Motors, Volkswagen Group, and other automotive enterprises. With General Motors, the two have produced the brand's Chevrolet Menlo, Buick Velite 6, Buick Velite 7 (based on the Bolt BEV2 platform), and an array of other electrified and gasoline-powered entries. In the Volkswagen venture with SAIC, the brand has made the "forbidden fruits" such as the Audi Q5 e-tron, Volkswagen Phideon, and the Volkswagen ID.6.

While many of these vehicles are destined for the Chinese market, SAIC has been expanding its EV efforts to other continents. In Europe, SAIC's MG sub-brand tends to receive the most popularity among consumers. MG sold 115,000 units in the European market alone in the first half of the year.

With growing popularity among its brands, SAIC wants to expand its manufacturing to Europe. This will add to the firm's catalog of manufacturing locations across the world, including Thailand, India, and Pakistan.

This also comes after MG announced it would expand its lineup of EVs. This lineup includes some very intriguing offerings, including the Cyberster EV Roadster halo car.

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