LEMMO is a new player in the e-bike space that seeks to make a difference. Tackling the e-bike sector from a practical and environmentally-aware standpoint, it seeks to transform the way people look at e-bikes with its newest model, the LEMMO ONE E+. The ONE E+ is distinguished by its modular setup, and its ability to transform into a regular non-electric bike in a matter of minutes.

Sure, in theory, nearly all electric bicycles can be pedaled manually with the motor switched off. However, most e-bike systems aren't designed to be ridden when shut off. LEMMO's innovative motor is, and it makes use of the brand's patented Dual Mode Clutch Hub technology. This interesting hub motor is so revolutionary that it merited LEMMO a Red Dot Design Award. The way it works is incredibly simple – simply turn the knob from E (Electric) to M (Manual), and you have yourself a regular pedal bike. Turning this knob disconnects the rear hub motor, and ensures a drag-free ride as you pedal manually. 

Dutch E-Bike Specialist LEMMO Aims For Maximum Versatility With New ONE E+

With the electric motor disconnected, you may be thinking that this bike will still have a battery somewhere in the frame, so it'll still be heavier than your regular old pedal bike. Again, LEMMO has come up with a unique and incredibly versatile solution. It's called the Smartpac, and its a compact box that mounts just beneath the front portion of the bike's top tube. The Smartpac is the electronic hub of the LEMMO ONE E+, as it houses the battery, motor controller, and even IoT capabilities. Best of all, you can take it off the bike and use it as a portable power station to charge you phone, laptop, and other gadgets. 

In order to maximize the Smartpac's potential, LEMMO has developed its own mobile application, allowing you to remotely control, lock, and locate your e-bike. It takes about three-and-a-half hours to fully charge the Smartpac. Another benefit the Smartpac presents is longevity. In other e-bikes, the controller and other electronics are housed within the frame, and if these get damaged or fail, replacing the entire bike may be the only recourse. Thanks to its modular configuration, the Smartpac, along with individual components of the bike can be repaired or replaced as needed. 

Dutch E-Bike Specialist LEMMO Aims For Maximum Versatility With New ONE E+

Speaking of the frame, the LEMMO ONE E+ is made out of recycled aluminum that's been put together using a special bonding process that guarantees longevity and durability. At present, the bike is offered with either a 1x10 drivetrain equipped with derailleur gears, or a single-speed belt-drive system. Both step-through and step-over frame options are available for maximum accessibility. The bike is priced at 1,990 Euros ($2,165 USD) for a chain drive setup, and 2,190 Euros ($2,382 USD) for a belt-drive setup. 

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