The facelifted Tesla Model 3, also known as “Project Highland,” will reportedly be a complete overhaul of the company’s most affordable model and will include novelties like steer-by-wire, RGB interior lighting, and more, according to a series of tweets from third-party companion app Teslascope.

As per the source, the refreshed Model 3 will offer both a conventional steering wheel and an updated yoke-style steering, but they’ll no longer be physically connected to the front wheels as in a conventional vehicle. Instead, a steer-by-wire system that relies purely on electronic components and wiring will handle steering inputs, presumably all in the name of a more advanced driving assistance system that will come sometime in the future, as Elon Musk keeps saying.

Electrek recently reported on a patent filing that was apparently submitted by Tesla, but no document number was provided and we couldn’t find any record of the aforementioned filing at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).


Getting back to the Model 3 “Highland,” Teslascope alleges that it will include matrix LED lights on all trim levels, similar to those seen on the Model S and Model X, and redesigned multicolor ambient lights for a more modern feel inside, as well as an increased focus on recycled materials that are used in the cabin.

The source claims that several people who are closely involved in the development of the new Model 3 say that the EV will come with an improved speaker system, seats that improve ride comfort, and the latest Hardware 4.0 computer for the so-called Autopilot driving assistance system, which includes upgraded cameras compared to the previous hardware iteration.


As for pricing, it looks like the refreshed Model 3 will have a similar starting price as the current model when it presumably goes into production sometime toward the end of this year, so around $40,000 for the base rear-wheel-drive variant (without tax credits or incentives). 

However, this information hasn’t been confirmed or denied by Tesla. In fact, we’d take all of this with a grain of salt, as Tesla-related info seems to come from all sorts of places nowadays and it’s almost impossible to confirm because the Austin-based EV hasn't had a media relations team since it was dissolved by Musk in late 2019.

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