As Tesla prepares to start production of the all-electric Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck later this year, more and more test vehicles are getting seen here and there.

In the past few days, several Tesla Cybertruck vehicles with and without camouflage were spotted and captured in photos or short videos. Most, if not all, of the locations, appear to be in California.

Let's start with the Tesla Owners Club San Joaquin Valley, which posted on Twitter a few images of two Tesla Cybertruck vehicles on a trailer, probably somewhere close to Tesla's Fremont factory. Those are non-camouflaged vehicles, compared to a camouflaged one, which was seen a week ago.


The Cybertruck in the front has a closed vault cover, while the one in the back has it open.

It seems that those are the identical two vehicles to those shown in a video, posted by Ehren Goossens 戈建深 (@ehreng):


Another non-camouflaged Tesla Cybertruck unit was seen by Dhalgren Marquis (@DhalgrenMarquis), in the same area, but on a different truck. According to the description, it seems like the vehicle was heavily tested:

"My first #cybertruck sighting! At the Fremont factory. This one looked like it was HEAVILY tested. Had some dents on the liftgate. Wild to see in person"


An image of two camouflaged Tesla Cybertruck pickups was posted by bayarea_carbon on Instagram. Sawyer Merritt (@SawyerMerritt) points out that it was in the Bay Area.


In other words, we can assume that Tesla has plenty of test vehicles in the field to test various things as well as overall durability. Some of the vehicles were even seen in New Zealand, which at this point of the year means winter testing.

It's believed that Tesla is on track to start production of the Cybertruck at the Giga Texas plant later this year, but at the same time, it will be probably only a low-volume initial launch. The real high-volume, series production most likely will happen at some point in 2024.

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