Electric cars are generally incredibly reliable and require little to no servicing for thousands of miles at a clip. However, when things go wrong, servicing can be difficult and time-consuming, especially with vehicles from newer brands. Lucids, Polestars, and Rivians are all examples of excellent electric cars. But when it comes to servicing, they don't have the extensive network as established automakers like Toyota or Chevy, per se. 

EV Service Pros is a fresh-faced firm founded by a former Tesla and Rivian employee aiming to tackle the difficulties in repairing EVs. In a press release, EV Service Pros stated, "There are currently over 500,000 out-of-warranty electric vehicles in the US, a number projected to grow to 1 million by 2026 and to at least 15 million by 2033."

With the influx of out-of-warranty EVs in customers' hands, many things could start to go wrong. Along with older HV battery packs, HVAC units, driving assist sensors, and complicated air suspension systems are all onboard equipment that may become inoperable after a great deal of time and miles. 

EV Service Pros is a startup that works with local service shops to train technicians, provide equipment, and supply replacement parts for electric cars. "Service providers often overlook the fact that they are already well-positioned to start working on EVs. By making moderate investments in equipment and providing EV-specific training to their skilled workforce, independent shops can broaden their customer base and proactively navigate the EV transition," Xander Walker said. 

The firm designates its partner centers into three tiers: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Basic-rated shops can install tires, brakes, suspension, and aftermarket accessories. Intermediate shops can work on more complex projects, including HVAC, driver assist sensors, air suspension, and a suite of low-voltage components, like infotainment systems. The Advanced centers are able to work on everything, including high-voltage components like the traction battery and charging receptacles. 

EV Service Pros currently works with nineteen centers across the United States. The company also works with the Advanced-rated Electrified Garage, based in Amesbury, Ma. Co-founded by Rich Benoit, Electrify Garage is well-known on Benoit's YouTube channel, where he extensively documents repairs on salvaged Teslas and other EVs. 

As of now, EV Service Pros primarily operates on Teslas, Chevrolet Bolts, and Nissan Leafs. Though, with the advent of the many new makes and models soon to reach the end of their warranties, we expect that lineup to adapt to the ever-changing market. Besides expanding the servicing networks, this will also allow consumers to receive an alternative option rather than going with the manufacturer for a costly repair. 

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