Electric bike conversion kits are nothing new, and the reasons why people would opt for these things rather than buying a purpose-built e-bike would certainly vary. Perhaps some days, these folks prefer riding a standard, non-electric bike, and don't have the garage space for another bike in the stable. Perhaps, they just want a fun, do-it-yourself project for a weekend, and want to convert an old bicycle into an e-bike. 

Whatever the case may be, this new electric bicycle conversion kit from GBoost just might fit the bill perfectly. According to the company, the V8 kit is compact, lightweight, quiet, and super easy to install. GBoost claims that its kit can be fitted on any electric bicycle in just 10 minutes. On top of that, it weighs in at just 950 grams, so you can carry it along with you on out of town trips, and slap it onto any old rental bicycle you choose. 

New GBoost V8 Kit Lets You Turn Any Bike Into An Electric Bicycle

On the performance side of the equation, the GBoost V8 kit offers a maximum power output of 900 watts. That being said, the way it works will inevitably result in some power losses, as power is sent to the back wheel via a roller system. On top of that, any sort of off-road riding will likely ruin the motor, as rocks, mud, and debris could cause the roller to wear down much sooner. Nevertheless, for commuting purposes and leisure rides, checks all the boxes. 

GBoost offers the electric bike conversion kit in three battery configurations. The cheapest one comes with a small 250-watt-hour battery pack, and retails for 980 Euros, or about $1,048 USD. Those craving a little extra range can opt for the 375-watt-hour setup, which retails for 1,100 Euros, or about $1,177 USD. Lastly, the range-topper gets a 453-watt-hour battery, and retails for 1,200 Euros, or approximately $1,284 USD.

Now, these prices are by no means cheap, and given that fully built e-bikes from reputable brands can be purchased for even less money, well, I'm not so sure that GBoost's product will garner mass appeal. For example, Decathlon's Rockrider E-ST 100 electric mountain bike retails for just 999 Euros, or $1,100 USD.

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