Cargo bikes are becoming more and more capable, and are now able to carry all sorts of cargo – passengers included. Some of these new electric bicycles are so capable, that their manufacturers are touting them as a replacement not just for a car, but for an SUV. If you're thinking that's quite a hefty claim, then check out what Winora has to offer with the new FUB cargo e-bikes. 

The German electric bike company Winora claims that its new e-bikes are extremely capable, and can replace a car or SUV on daily trips. In fact, the FUB itself stands for "Family Utility Bike." Offered in two versions – the FUB 2W and FUB 3W, the cargo bikes are built atop a steel frame. In terms of performance, both e-bikes are equipped with the powerful Bosch Cargo Line electric motor paired with a Bosch PowerPack 500. For those needing extra range, you can opt for additional batteries. 

German Brand Winora Doubles Down On Utility With Two New FUB Cargo E-Bikes

Powertrain aside, the FUB bikes are equipped with a hub-gear transmission from Shimano. Gears can be selected via twist grip, allowing you to pedal seamlessly alongside the Bosch powertrain. Brakes are hydraulic on both models with the FUB 2W equipped with Magura, an the FUB 3W fitted with Zoom hydro disc brakes. 

The two bikes are differentiated by their cargo capabilities. The FUB 2W is designed to carry up to two kids, with enough space for quite a bit of groceries. Meanwhile, the FUB 3W gets even more cargo space that can carry four kids. On top of that, there's a built-in luggage rack at the back. In total, the FUB 3W can carry up to 250 kilograms of cargo – passengers and luggage. 

In terms of pricing and availability, Winora offers the FUB cargo electric bikes at a pretty affordable price tag, all things considered. The FUB 2W carries a price tag of 5,299 Euros, or about $5,690 USD. Meanwhile, the FUB 3W is slightly more expensive at 5,699 Euros, or about $6,119 USD. Colors consist of black and blue for the FUB 2W, and black and anthracite/gray for the FUB 3W.

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