Like most things in life, setting up electric bicycles boils down to personal preference. While a lot of top-tier bike manufacturers likewise have top-tier e-bike models, a lot of riders depend on aftermarket upgrades to configure their machines to better suit their riding styles.

One of the most effective upgrades comes in the form of gearing, wherein changing the size and style of the front chainring can greatly alter the way the bike tackles climbs, handles descents, and transfers power to the ground. For those looking to upgrade the chainrings of their Shimano and TQ-equipped e-bikes, Wolf Tooth Components has a range of new direct-mount chainrings specifically for this purpose. 

Wolf Tooth Has New Direct-Mount Chainrings For Shimano And TQ E-Bikes

On the Shimano side of things, Wolf Tooth's new direct-mount chain rings are compatible with EP8, E8000, and E7000 e-bike systems, and work with all Boost and Super Boost e-bikes. They offer a 55-millimeter chainline, and come in standard sizes of 32 and 34 teeth. Like all of Wolf Tooth's MTB-focused chainrings, they feature the brand's Drop-Stop teeth, that prevent the chain from disengaging with the gear on chattery terrain. 

Diving into more detail, Wolf Tooth's Drop-Stop ST is ideal for Shimano 12-speed systems with Hyperglide+ technology. Meanwhile, Drop-Stop B is suitable for nine, 10, and 11-speed chains, as well as 12-speed SRAM Eagle, SRAM Flattop Road, KMC, Connex, and Wippermann chains. 

As for e-bike riders with TQ systems, such as those rocking the new Trek Fuel EXe, Wolf Tooth also has you covered. The brand has released direct-mount chainrings compatible with TQ motors, albeit in smaller sizes (30 and 32 teeth).  

Developed and manufactured in the U.S., Wolf Tooth Components' aftermarket accessories have always commanded a premium, and the new direct-mount chainrings for Shimano and TQ e-bike systems are no different. Each of the chainrings has a retail price of $85 USD. 

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