Hong Kong-based electric bicycle specialist Urtopia has built quite a name for itself thanks to its sleek and elegant styling. Its newest bike, the Chord, is no different, and as its name suggests, the bike's design draws inspiration from a piano, with its black-on-white motif exuding a clean and classy aesthetic. 

Designed as a stylish city commuter, the Urtopia Chord offers an array of urban-focused features such as a built in 20-lux headlight, an intuitive handlebar-mounted display, and comfortable ergonomics. The bike is offered in either standard or semi-open step-through frame designs, the latter of which is dubbed the Chord X. In both instances, the battery is housed on the top tube, and not on the down tube as is common practice with other e-bikes. While this may give the bike a more top-heavy nature, it certainly adds to its chic, streamlined aesthetic. It isn't too heavy, either, as it weighs in at 21 kilograms. 

Hong Kong-Based E-Bike Specialist Urtopia Launches The Chord In Europe

Diving into the technology, the Chord is powered by a 353-watt-hour battery pack that has a claimed range of up to 75 miles on a single charge. This compact albeit energy-dense powerpack supplies juice to a rear hub motor with a max torque rating of 45 newton-meters and a nominal output of 250 watts. To help riders pedal seamlessly alongside the pedal assist function, the Urtopia Chord incorporates an eight-speed drivetrain from Shimano. 

As mentioned earlier, the Urtopia Chord has no shortage of fancy gadgets and gizmos. Atop the handlebar-integrated screen, we find features such as fingerprint recognition unlocking, voice commands, and even a built-in GPS device for both navigation and real-time geolocation and theft prevention. The bike even lets you stream music via Bluetooth, allowing you to listen to your favorite tunes as you ride. 

Urtopia has just launched the Chord in the European market at a retail price of 2,299 Euros, or about $2,518 USD. However, it currently has an ongoing promotion that throws in a one-year eSIM package and mudguards. All these features come at a discount of 300 Euros ($329 USD), so you're looking at a price of just $1,999 Euros – $2,190 USD – for a bike that's packing some really impressive tech. 

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