The technology surrounding electric bicycles continues to advance at a blistering pace. In the world of utility-focused e-bikes, commuters and cargo bikes are reshaping urban mobility in Europe and Asia, and are starting to catch on in the US, too. That said, Brose, a German e-bike drive specialist, has just introduced a new cargo e-bike specific sytem called the Drive H Mag. 

Unveiled at the 2023 Cyclingworld event in Düsseldorf, the new Brose Drive H Mag is set to revolutionize electric cargo bikes thanks to its lightweight construction, impressive torque, and efficient operation. As the name suggests, the drive makes use of a magnesium housing, and tips the scales at just 2,900 grams. Despite its light weight, the Drive H Mag has a torque rating of 90 Newton-meters. In compliance with European e-bike laws, nominal output is pegged at 250 watts, and when it gets stuffed into various e-cargos, it'll have to be limited to a top speed of 15 miles per hour. 

New Brose Drive H-Mag Is A Lightweight Cargo E-Bike-Specific Motor

Although not yet featured on any production cargo electric bike, the new Brose Drive H Mag is already being put through its paces by German cyclist Gunnar Fehlau, who is using it in his custom cargo bike. Fehlau is currently riding across Europe on his 2023 Workpacking Tour, wherein he will travel across Germany for one year exclusively aboard his cargo bike.

In an article by E-Bike News, Fehlau is reportedly impressed by the technology. "Whether it's a steep mountain ride in wintry Switzerland with a 16% incline at -7 °C or 150 kilometers, long cross-country passages with a tailwind at an average of 23.9 km/h - the H Mag from Brose works quietly and reliably," he stated in the release. 

In the coming months, we can expect to see more developments on the Brose Drive H Mag cargo-specific system. Indeed, it's set to be standard equipment on future premium electric bikes, although what bikes these will be remains unknown. That being said, the mid-drive configuration offers ideal weight balance, and delivers pretty much universal applicability. So chances are the Drive H Mag will make its way to everything from urban commuters, long-tails, and heavy-duty cargo haulers. 

New Brose Drive H-Mag Is A Lightweight Cargo E-Bike-Specific Motor
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